ADLC offers French 10, 20, and 30 in the 3-Y program. Students are encouraged to take placement testing to determine the most appropriate French course/level for enrollment. French 10 is designed for beginners, French 20 for intermediates, and French 30 for advanced language learners. There is one mid-term exam and one final exam in each course. There are no diploma exams in second language courses. “The overarching goal of this program of studies is that by the end of French 30-3Y, students can understand and express themselves in basic situations, provided the language they encounter is clear and based on familiar topics and structures, and can use the cultural and strategic knowledge they have gained to sustain their communication.” – Alberta Education Students who exhibit exceptional language ability in the following 4 language skills are encouraged to write placement testing for proper course enrollment:

  • Spoken French (can participate in almost any spontaneous conversation on almost any topic).
  • Written French (can write a formal business letter in French).
  • Listening comprehension in French.
  • Reading comprehension in French.

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