Similar to the 90 Days (no start) Withdrawal, ADLC is introducing a 60 Days Stalled process in lieu of the previous practice beginning early June. As our goal is to ensure student success, regular submission of assessments  allows students to move at a pace that is conducive to learning.

What does this mean for your students?

Once a student submits work, the student will have a window of 60 days to submit the next assignment. It is important to encourage students to not only get started on a new course but to maintain a regular routine of advancing in the course.

  • During this 60 Day window, the student, the school facilitator, and the teacher will receive two emails: one at Day 30 (4 weeks until drop) and another at Day 45 (2 weeks until drop) as reminders that the student is encouraged to submit some work in the course or risk being withdrawn from the course at the 60 Days of inactivity.
  • Every time a student submits work and it is graded, the 60 Days clock is reset and the process begins again.
  • If a student is withdrawn from a course, the school facilitator will need to communicate with the ADLC teacher and with the student’s principal’s approval, the student may be reinstated in the course for a period of 10 business days. During this grace period the student must submit an assignment providing enough time for grading.
    • If the student submits and after the assignment is graded, the 60 Day clock will be reset.
    • If the student does not submit, the student will be withdrawn from the course and finalized as incomplete.


If you have any questions about this change, please contact Partner Support at

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