Alberta Distance Learning Centre | ADLC is a leader in Alberta education.

We exist to empower learners and teachers. ADLC provides online, print, and blended resources, student instruction, and learning enhancements.

We believe in access to education for all students. In keeping with this, we provide on-demand, year-round learning opportunities.

We are

  • Accessible. Learn at any time, any place, and any pace.
  • Engaging. You’ll want to get to know us.
  • Responsive. Have a question? We’ll answer you quickly.
  • Experienced. We know what we’re talking about.
  • Dynamic. We help make learning fun.
  • Innovative. We’re not afraid to try new things.

We believe in

  • Flexibility. We know there’s more than one way to accomplish a task, so we work with students, teachers, and administrators on an individual basis.
  • Excellence. We’re driven to demand the best from ourselves and encourage excellence in others.
  • Collaboration. We understand that learning can’t happen in a vacuum; it takes many dedicated people. We work (and play) well with others.
  • Respect. We appreciate that the unique abilities and personalities of our students, teachers, administrators, and staff are a big part of our success, so we celebrate and respect these qualities.
  • Honesty. We treat people fairly, and we value accountability.

Distance education means teaching and learning when students may not be required to be physically present at specific locations or times.

Instead, students communicate remotely with their teachers and complete course work using print and/or electronic materials. One of the major benefits of distance education is increased flexibility, which allows students to learn at their own pace and at times and locations convenient to them.

Courses taken at ADLC appear on transcripts the same way as those taken at any other Alberta school.


For students who have sufficient access to the internet, online courses can simulate the classroom experience. Online programs offer flexibility, assessment tools and strategies, and frequent student-teacher interaction.


For students who prefer printed materials, this service offers the flexibility of independent reading, instruction, and completion of assignments. We also offer many of our print resources in a DIY format, for your convenience.

Some schools may prefer to register students exclusively in online sections to incur a lesser cost. These schools should contact the Partner Support team to discuss options right for everyone.


ADLC can also provide a blend of print and online delivery. Many of our online courses also offer PDF versions of our printed resources, so you can have the best of both worlds.

Educators can take advantage of blended resources in Teacher Support courses by contacting the Partner Support team. We can customize a program to suit your school’s needs.