ADLC Closure

ADLC will permanently close after the 2020-21 school year. View full details

**ADLC is permanently closing August 31, 2021.**

On behalf of the provincial government, we support Alberta schools and their students by
providing Grade 1-12 course instruction and teaching resources. ADLC is an organization within the
Pembina Hills School Division; see “Governance” below for additional information.

We do not charge fees for student instruction (SI) or digital resources (TS).

Student Instruction (SI)

Through Student Instruction (SI) services, ADLC teachers provide the instruction, guidance and assessment services to your students at a distance. Distance education means teaching and learning when students may not be required to be physically present at specific locations or times.

Instead, students communicate remotely with their teachers and complete course work using print and/or electronic materials. One of the major benefits of distance education is increased flexibility, which allows students to learn at their own pace and at times and locations convenient to them.

Teacher Support (TS)

Through Teacher Support (TS) services, teachers can access Alberta Programs of Study courses in whole or in part, for use in their classrooms. Teachers can access print or online courses.

Many teachers use these courses to supplement their instructional materials. New teachers, or teachers new to a course often find value in the opportunity to access ready-to-use course content.

Types of Courses

For students who have sufficient access to the internet, online courses can simulate the classroom experience. Online programs offer flexibility, assessment tools and strategies, and frequent student-teacher interaction.

For students who prefer printed materials, this service offers the flexibility of independent reading, instruction, and completion of assignments. We also offer many of our print resources in a DIY format, for your convenience.

ADLC is operated by The Board of Trustees of Pembina Hills School Division (the “Board”) and
thus governed by the a publicly elected school board and accountable to both the Board and
Alberta Education. The school Board has authorized the Superintendent of Pembina Hills
School Division (PHSD) to be the Chief Executive Officer of ADLC. ADLC is authorized to
provide services to Alberta School Authorities and their students through a Service Agreement
between Alberta Education and Pembina Hills School Division (the Board), the legal authority of