Our current partnerships include a cross-section of Alberta’s industries and organizations:

  • Alberta Forest Products Association
  • Athabasca University
  • Kainai Board of Education
  • Western Hockey League (WHL)
  • Woodland Operations Learning Foundation (WOLF)

Focus on Career Exploration

Several of our partnerships focus on two of Alberta’s leading industries: energy and forestry. These partnerships have allowed us to create and develop courses that give our students a taste of what it’s like to work in these industries.

Energy Sector Education

Our Service Rig Floorhand program was developed in partnership with Northern Lights School Division and Coole Immersive Online Training Simulation. In this program, students learn how to operate and maintain an oil service rig through an interactive online platform. Currently, this is the only Alberta oil service rig training on the market that allows students to discover, via online education, what it takes to be a service rig operator. Learn more about our Service Rig Floorhand program.

Exploring Forestry

Our Forestry program was developed in partnership with Woodland Operations Learning Foundation and consists of five one-credit courses that provide a snapshot of forestry as a career. Students use a high-tech simulator to learn how to operate logging equipment safely. Learn more about our Forestry program.

Forestry Field Experience

Forestry Field Experience is a partnership with Inroads Mountain Sports that connects students with skilled trainers for a three-day field experience, where students can get outside and involved with improving Alberta’s forest resources. This experiential learning program incorporates leadership skills, communications skills and wellness—and provides students an opportunity to earn three credits in three days.