ADLC uses simulators and content provided by WOLF in five new forestry courses now being delivered in select schools across Alberta. WOLF delivers simulators that mimic high-tech logging equipment, creating a safe, low-cost alternative to actual heavy-equipment training.

Through the ADLC-WOLF partnership, students participate in a unique one-week learning opportunity. During this time, they train on simulated forestry equipment, such as feller bunchers, processors, forwarders, and excavators. Besides creating awareness about forestry as a potential career path, these courses also assist the forestry industry in evaluating future machine operators.

  • Innovative – Real forestry experiences are made available to students.
  • Interactive – Students train on forestry equipment using high-tech simulators.
  • Authentic – Skills learned are directly applicable to the forestry industry.
  • Engaging and Aware – Course content includes forest use, ecology, and protection.

To learn more, contact Eliise Jeffers (CTS Teacher) at or 1-866-774-5333, ext. 7365.