COVID-19: Accessing ADLC Resources

With the emergence of COVID-19, we would like to remind you that we provide free access to course resources to all schools in the province. View full details


Temporary Enrollment Process for PE Courses

ADLC Physical Education courses rely on students’ ability to access community facilities and programs to attain their required activity hours. Due to the Government of Alberta Targeted Restriction announcement made on November 12, 2020, registration in ADLC Physical Education courses temporarily require affiliation schools to contact ADLC to ensure course requirements can be met. This...
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Expectations Regarding Partner School Responsibilities

We are pleased to inform you that ADLC course enrollments are up in many departments. Your students’ success depends on our collaboration and working together. While we wish for every student to have a successful start in their ADLC course(s), we have had a small number of students where that is not the case.  To...
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Reminder About SI Student Progression

Planning, prevention and proper intervention concerning student progress in ADLC courses is the best way to ensure students are successful. As such, we implemented a Student Progression Timeline at the beginning of this year for students in Student Instruction (SI) courses. This has been a successful tool in assisting schools and students to manage their...
Student Progression at ADLC

January 2021 Diploma Registration Deadline – November 2

Reminder: Students taking ADLC diploma courses are still required to register in myPass to write the diploma exams for those courses.  The deadline for students to register for the January 2021 diploma exam sitting is November 2, 2020.  We encourage students and facilitators to make appropriate plans and register before this deadline.
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Copyright Reminder – ADLC Materials

Copyright matters! Just a reminder that ADLC materials are subject to copyright rules and regulations. While teachers in Canada may make copies of short excerpts of a copyright-protected work for their classroom, without having to obtain copyright permissions, pay royalties, etc., there are limits. These limits are outlined in the Fair Dealings Guidelines.  Want to...
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ADLC Registration Deadlines in 2020-21

Mark your calendars! This year, the registration deadline for  3-, 4- and 5-credit Student Instruction (SI) courses is April 16, 2021. 1-credit SI courses is May 14, 2021. Partner schools must ensure their students complete their ADLC coursework by June 2 for diploma courses and June 14 for non-diploma courses, unless stated otherwise by their...
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ADLC & PAT Participation

As you know, Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs) are administered annually to all Alberta students in grades 6 and 9. These standardized tests reflect the essentials that all Alberta students are expected to achieve, regardless of school choice or location. Students taking ADLC courses are no exception. We are seeking your help in ensuring that when...
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Welcome Back Message from Principal Kaplan

In some ways, the last six months have felt like an eternity; but in other ways, it has flown by, too. I sincerely hope that this message comes to you while you are safe, recharged and ready to go for what will be the most interesting school start up! We’re in this Together Welcome back...
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Student Registration Deadline for November Diploma Exams

Students taking ADLC Student Instruction (SI) diploma courses are still required to register in myPass to write the diploma exams for those courses.  As such, we feel that it is vital to remind students and schools that the deadline for students to register for the November 2020 diploma exam sitting is October 1, 2020.  We...
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Student Instruction (SI) Course Timelines for 2020-21

Due to the demand for access to ADLC, it has been necessary for us to review Student Instruction (SI) course completion timelines to ensure equitable access for all schools and students. Effective for the 2020-21 school year, we will be implementing strict timelines for senior high school SI courses that parallel timelines for course completion...
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