SIS Change: Change in Viewing Expiry Dates for Students/Guardians

Expiry Dates Removed from the Student/Guardian View - To reduce confusion, the Expiry Date (when a course is withdrawn from SIS) has now been hidden from the student/guardian view in the Gradebook area. Only the enrollment End Date (modifiable, timeline pacing date) will be visible. All other SIS roles still see the expiry date. The View Calendar...
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Important Dates: Summer Months

June 30 is the last day for course completions before students are withdrawn (except for granted extensions). Please remind your students,who have been granted summer extensions, that they may have a different teacher and to complete their course work as soon as possible, no later than the dates listed below. For students in diploma courses, submission...
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Year-End Message from the Principal

Happy June! At ADLC, we hope this message comes to you after an exciting and successful school year. Like many of you, we wonder how the year has flown by! We are pleased to have worked with you. We know that this year was one of transition and that the various changes at ADLC resulted...
Year-End Message from Principal Kaplan - ADLC

Exemplary Teacher Award – Josef Martha

Josef Martha is a Science 9 teacher at ADLC. He is dedicated, enthusiastic, a video master and makes learning fun! He is passionate about science and is able to build good rapport with his students. Josef received the Pembina Hills Public Schools (PHPS) Exemplary Teacher Award in June 2019. Pictured: Josef receiving his award from...
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SIS Changes: Timeline Feature, DE Contact Info Verification

Timeline Feature We have implemented a Timeline feature in our Student Information System (SIS) to help students stay on track with their courses. For more details, see our Timeline Feature document. Distance Education (DE) Contact Information Verification Affiliation Super Users can now verify and request changes to the DE contact information directly in SIS. See...
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2019-20 ADLC Calendar

The basic 2019-20 ADLC calendar can now be viewed here. More details to come.

Last Day to Register in Student Instruction Courses – April 30

Reminder that the last day to register in any ADLC SI course is April 30 and all SI courses are expected to be completed by June 30. Some exceptions may apply, such as approved extensions. Summer extensions will be open for requests May 1 - 15 and are requested by Affiliation Super Users in the...
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Assignment Submission Deadlines

Diploma Course Submissions Students in diploma courses must have all assignments submitted by June 5, 2019, unless stated otherwise by their ADLC teacher, to allow time for assessment prior to diploma exams. June 30 Completion We would like to remind our partners that ADLC has set June 30 as the completion date for all of...
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School Visits

We are inviting you to request a face-to-face visit with ADLC. We are building a schedule and if you are interested in having us visit your school, let us know! Contact Partner Support at
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Cheryl Frose Inspires Teachers and Students

As an Elementary/Junior High teacher and Department Head at ADLC, Cheryl is committed to meeting the needs of her students and ensuring their success. Her vast knowledge of curriculum, technology,expertise and passion for education inspires colleagues and helps students strive for excellence. Cheryl received the Pembina Hills Public Schools Exemplary Teacher Award in March 2019....
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