COVID-19: Accessing ADLC Resources

With the emergence of COVID-19, we would like to remind you that we provide free access to course resources to all schools in the province. View full details

As you know, Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs) are administered annually to all Alberta students in grades 6 and 9. These standardized tests reflect the essentials that all Alberta students are expected to achieve, regardless of school choice or location. Students taking ADLC courses are no exception. We are seeking your help in ensuring that when you register grade 6 and 9 students for Student Instruction (SI), that they be given the opportunity to write the PATs.

Like you, we complete a careful examination and interpretation of the Provincial Achievement Testing Program results. This analysis helps to reveal areas of relative strength and weakness in student achievement. ADLC teachers and administrators use this information in planning and delivering relevant and effective instruction. The analysis informs our choices about our course content. Continuous improvement is an objective we share with you and a key reason for encouraging and supporting the administration of the PATs.

If you have registered one or more students in grade 6 or 9, we are seeking your assistance in ensuring that they write the PATs. We ask that you tell your student(s) and their guardian(s) about the PATs as soon as possible. We recognize that there may be special considerations such as writing accommodations for students with learning or physical disabilities or students who are English Language Learners. We rely on you to communicate with and inform the guardians of all students, including those needing accommodations, even though ADLC has provided the instruction.  

As a service provider and partner, we will share student results with you, their resident school authority. The results of ADLC’s registered cohort are available to your school staff, school authorities, parents and the public. 

Thank you in advance for working with us!

Please contact ADLC Principal Steven Kaplan at, if you have any questions or concerns.