June 23: Last Day to Order Materials & Other Resources

The last day to order materials and other resources is June 23, 2021. View full details

ADLC Closure

ADLC will permanently close after the 2020-21 school year. View full details

interested in learning how to access and use ADLC recources?

Training sessions have concluded.  Please contact the lead teacher or Partner Support at 1-866-774-5333, ext. 5378 or email info@adlc.ca if you have questions.

As teachers and students across Alberta transition to remote/online/distance teaching, more teachers are accessing ADLC’s free printable and digital resources. This is wonderful; that’s why they were created. We know that many teachers are new to this type of learning environment, so ADLC is ready to help you with training sessions.

We offer the following choices for you to do on your own prior to joining one of our training sessions.

  1. Review the ADLC Course Access for Teachers video instructions. This video is a helpful step-by-step process for accessing ADLC print PDF courses.
  2. Log into your Teacher Support (TS) online course provided by ADLC and navigate to the Teacher Resources section. You should have received this information from ADLC Tech Support.  If you are unable to locate this information, please email ADLC Tech Support or call 1-866-774-5333, ext 5322.

Ready to Join a Scheduled Training Session?

  • Click here to join a session: ADLC Training Schedule
  • ADLC lead teachers will be hosting live, recurring, cafe-style Google Meet sessions from May 12 to June 10. General information will be provided so you and your students can access and use ADLC resources. You will have a chance to ask questions and get answers. Please note that these sessions will be limited to 30 participants. If the session is full, please contact the lead teacher or try attending the next session.
  • For other specific course information, please contact the ADLC Teacher, and feel free to email that teacher with questions.

If, at any time, you have questions about the training sessions or ADLC, please email ADLC Partner Support at info@adlc.ca or call 1-866-774-5333.