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Diploma Course Submissions

Students in diploma courses must have all assignments submitted by June 5, 2019, unless stated otherwise by their ADLC teacher, to allow time for assessment prior to diploma exams.

June 30 Completion

We would like to remind our partners that ADLC has set June 30 as the completion date for all of our courses for school-aged students. This means that although June 30 is a Sunday, we will withdraw all students from ADLC courses. We are sending out this reminder so that you can make appropriate plans for your students.

Like other schools our teachers need time to complete assessment of student work. We urge you to help your students submit their final assignments as early as possible. We recommend that students confirm their assignment submission deadlines with their ADLC teacher. All coursework must be submitted prior to June 24, 2019 unless otherwise stated by the student’s ADLC teacher.