ADLC Closure

ADLC will permanently close after the 2020-21 school year. View full details

Every Child Matters

every child matters

Flags are being lowered and staff is wearing orange in their remembrance of the 215 Indigenous children who lost their lives at the Kamloops, B.C. residential school. This devastating discovery is a reminder that we must continue in our commitment to truth and reconciliation.

In-Person Exam Supervision

exam writing

The pressure on schools due to COVID-19 and changing Public Health Measures is very challenging for students, schools and ADLC. We recognize this challenge and are prepared to support you and your students in any way we can.

ADLC exam supervision normally requires registering schools to proctor exams. This meets our shared goal of accurately assessing students’ achievement toward the course outcomes.

We are approaching exam season and if your school is unable to supervise an exam in-person, please contact the ADLC teacher for alternatives.  Where possible, ADLC will then be using an online proctoring service.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-866-774-5333, ext. 5378 or email

Revised May 20, 2021

Camile DeZaeyer Receives Exemplary Support Services Award

Camile DeZaeyer has worked in the Distribution Department at the Alberta Distance Learning Centre (ADLC) for over 8 years.

Due to the pandemic, ADLC has seen an increased demand for student materials. Camile has gone above and beyond to see that resources are organized and expedited efficiently. He understands the importance of getting student learning materials out as quickly as possible. Even under great stress and pressure, Camile maintains a cheerful and positive disposition.

Camile is relaxed and approachable even in the stressful, fast-paced work environment ADLC experienced this year. The volume of orders going through the department was unprecedented and ended up being the busiest time in the history of ADLC!

Camile is incredibly deserving of this award, as ADLC would not have survived September 2020 without him!


Camile DeZaeyer received the Pembina Hills School Division Exemplary Support Services Award in March 2021. *Reposted from the Pembina Hills School Division website.

2020 Holiday Break Information

Wishing you the best of the season - ADLC

The holiday break is quickly approaching! See when we are, and are not, available:

December 21-23: ADLC support staff available, teachers on holiday break
December 24-January 1, 2021: ADLC is closed
January 4, 2021: All staff available

If you have specific deadlines for your students, please keep this holiday closure in mind as it may impact student success. Facilitators are encouraged to remind their students that some assignments have to be assessed before moving onto the next assignment and/or unit.

Can students submit coursework during the break?

  • Coursework may be submitted; teachers will assess the work upon their return.

How does the holiday break closure affect the Stall processes?

  • The Stall processes will be paused during the holiday break and will resume on January 4, 2021.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-866-774-5333 ext. 5378 or email

Wishing you the very best of the season!


February 1 Start Date for All New SI High School Enrollments

laptop open, ADLC SIS login

At the beginning of the school year, we introduced class size limits and a practice of setting strict timelines for students to complete their courses. Throughout the latter part of the fall, we have been very close, or at, our class size limits. In some courses, we were not able to accept registrations and subsequently, students were placed on waitlists

With the help of our timelines, we expect many students to complete their high school courses in the new calendar year. Therefore, starting November 30, all new Student Instruction (SI) high school course enrollments will be subject to a February 1 Start Date, unless otherwise indicated by the ADLC course teacher. Note: Students will receive responses and have work assessed by their ADLC teacher starting February 1. 

We are grateful to be a part of your students’ program. We look forward to continuing to work with you.

Edited: November 30, 2020

Affiliation Exam Supervision Expectation

student writing exam

Like many, we are busy navigating the complexities of the recently announced public health measures. We are grateful that the well-being and safety of everyone is at the forefront. 

November 30 marks the first day of at-home learning, and while this will be a change for some schools and students, ADLC is already supporting students in their learning from a distance. Since students are still allowed to go to school for scheduled appointments, we are asking our affiliated Partner schools to continue supporting students with on-site or virtual midterm and exam supervision (restrictions apply, exam supervisors can see exam release email instructions for specific information). It is our understanding that this is allowable under the new public health measures, and goes a long way in ensuring students are learning and meeting the intended program outcomes. 

Everyone’s well-being is central to the decisions we make. We thank you for the opportunity to work with you and your students in their growth and learning. 

Please contact the ADLC teacher of the course for alternate arrangements if on-site or virtual supervision is not possible.

Updated December 14, 2020

Temporary Enrollment Process for PE, Foundations for Training Courses

laptop with ADLC Student Information System webpage open

Updated February 3, 2021:
Registration in ADLC Physical Education courses continues to be suspended until further notice. Despite being cautiously optimistic with the impending easing of Alberta Health Service Public Health measures, students will still face challenges meeting program outcomes. These courses require that students be able to participate in group activities, which remain prohibited outside of community school physical education classes.

Updated November 26, 2020: This temporary process includes all Physical Education and Foundations for Training courses.

ADLC Physical Education courses rely on students’ ability to access community facilities and programs to attain their required activity hours. Due to the Government of Alberta Targeted Restriction announcement made on November 12, 2020, registration in ADLC Physical Education and Foundations for Training courses temporarily require affiliation schools to contact ADLC to ensure course requirements can be met. This will be in effect until the government restrictions are lifted.

If you have a student that can still be fully programmed into all five of the activity dimensions, please contact Jessica Luciuk at 1-866-774-5333, ext. 5316 or to discuss enrollment.

January 2021 Diploma Registration Deadline – November 2

student writing exam

Reminder: Students taking ADLC diploma courses are still required to register in myPass to write the diploma exams for those courses. 

The deadline for students to register for the January 2021 diploma exam sitting is November 2, 2020. 

We encourage students and facilitators to make appropriate plans and register before this deadline.

Important 2021 Dates & Information

laptop with ADLC Student Information System webpage open

Mark your calendars!

Registration Deadlines

April 16: Registration deadline for 3-, 4- and 5-credit SI courses
May 14: Registration deadline for 1-credit SI courses

June Course Completion

June 2: Coursework completion date for students in diploma courses writing diploma exams, unless stated otherwise by the ADLC teacher
June 14: Coursework completion date for non-diploma courses, unless stated otherwise by the ADLC teacher
June 22: Deadline to complete final exams
June 25: Last day of school, SI course expiry

There are NO summer extensions available for ADLC courses in 2021. 


With the closure of ADLC slated for August 31, 2021, it is imperative that all refundable materials be returned to ADLC no later than July 9, 2021 to receive a refund. 

For all important dates, visit the Calendar page on our website.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-866-774-5333, ext. 5378 or email

Updated: January 6, 2021

Student Instruction (SI) Course Timelines for 2020-21

SI course timelines title on laptop image of ADLC SIS

Due to the demand for access to ADLC, it has been necessary for us to review Student Instruction (SI) course completion timelines to ensure equitable access for all schools and students.

Effective for the 2020-21 school year, we will be implementing strict timelines for senior high school SI courses that parallel timelines for course completion present in community schools. For instance, high school students registering in a 5-credit course are expected to complete the course in five months.

In the coming school year, a timeline for the submission of each assessment will accompany all student SI course registrations and includes a scheduled end date. Students, registering schools and ADLC teachers are expected to know these dates. Adherence to the timeline will result in higher student learning and achievement and course completion. Students not meeting the scheduled timeline will be addressed by their course teachers. Any questions or concerns should be discussed with the course teacher at the time of registration. See the Student Progression Flowchart below.

Student Progression Flowchart

Choosing a Timeline End Date At Registration

Timeline End Date options are shown at the time of registration (options vary by course and are updated through the year – example below). A selection must be made to complete the registration.

Note: The Timeline End Date is for coursework purposes only and not a registration withdrawal date. The Timeline Start Date automatically defaults to the Registration Date. Timeline Start/End Dates can be modified in the Current Enrollments page, if required, by the ADLC teacher after registration is complete. 


snippet of options for timeline end date in ADLC SIS registration

For more information about the Timeline Feature in the ADLC Student Information System (SIS), click here.

Updated October 22, 2020