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ADLC is pleased to provide flexible opportunities for schools and school authorities for their students when it comes to programming flexibility and options.

One such option has recently caused some confusion and frustration with our affiliations and their students, as well as raised some concerns in terms of student learning and pedagogy. The issue is concurrent registrations, where one course is a prerequisite for another.

The issues with concurrent registrations involving prerequisite courses:

  • Insufficient prerequisite knowledge – Without completing the prerequisite course first, much of the required knowledge may not be present during the current course study and could affect student achievement.
  • Students not receiving credit – We have had some cases this year where students completed courses before the required prerequisites. This creates a Work Item in PASI at finalization and can lead to students not receiving credit for that given course. 
  • Pressure to do two courses at once – We understand that in some concurrent registrations, the intention is for the student to complete the prerequisite course first. However, when a student is registered in both, there are inherent pressures to begin both courses at registration.

In the best interest of your students, effective immediately, when we discover a student is concurrently registered in courses where one is the prerequisite for the other and there is no adjustment to the start date for the second course, we will contact you for further information. It is possible that the best step is to unregister the student in the course requiring the missing prerequisite.

We recommend that you urge your student(s) to finish the required prerequisite courses and upon completion, re-register them in the subsequent course(s). This will avoid confusion and frustration, and will increase student learning and achievement.

Thank you for your cooperation. As always, please contact me at steven.kaplan@adlc.ca if you have any questions or concerns.


Steven Kaplan
ADLC Principal