Shipping Delay: TS Materials

Shipment of Teacher Support (TS) consumable materials may take longer than usual due to a large volume of requests. We are working hard to process all orders as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. View full details

COVID-19: Accessing ADLC Resources

With the emergence of COVID-19, we would like to remind you that we provide free access to course resources to all schools in the province. View full details

SIS Outage: October 31

The ADLC Student Information System (SIS) will be unavailable Saturday, October 31, 2020 from 5am MST until approximately 8am for system maintenance. SI Moodle (for ADLC-instructed students) can be accessed directly at We apologize for any inconvenience. View full details

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Copyright matters!

Just a reminder that ADLC materials are subject to copyright rules and regulations.

While teachers in Canada may make copies of short excerpts of a copyright-protected work for their classroom, without having to obtain copyright permissions, pay royalties, etc., there are limits. These limits are outlined in the Fair Dealings Guidelines

Want to use ADLC course materials? ADLC digital resources are available to Alberta teachers, at no cost, and can be accessed through our Teacher Support (TS) services. They can be used in part or in whole to supplement classroom teachings. 

For more information on the Fair Dealing Guidelines and the use of copyright-protected works for teachers and school staff, visit the Council of Ministers of Education website.

Thank you for your cooperation.