June 23: Last Day to Order Materials & Other Resources

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ADLC Closure

ADLC will permanently close after the 2020-21 school year. View full details

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We are pleased to inform you that ADLC course enrollments are up in many departments. Your students’ success depends on our collaboration and working together. While we wish for every student to have a successful start in their ADLC course(s), we have had a small number of students where that is not the case. 

To ensure better collaboration, we are sending a reminder to our partner schools that registering your students with ADLC comes with some responsibilities, as outlined on our website

Recently, there have been some questions about these shared responsibilities. To highlight a few, Student Instruction at ADLC will see us providing content, assessment and reporting student achievement to Alberta Education. Partner schools are to ensure appropriate course selection for students, provide students with support during their term and provide supervision for summative assessments, like the midterms and final exams. 

We recognize that conditions at your school, or for your students, can change quickly. Two-way communication is critical. Keeping us informed of these changes can help us adapt to your students’ needs and ensure they are continuing to learn required outcomes. As mentioned, working together will increase our chances of supporting your students’ success. 

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-866-774-5333, ext. 5378 or email info@adlc.ca.