ADLC Closure

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Karla Montgomery is the Department Head of Senior High Science at the Alberta Distance Learning Centre and has been with ADLC for over 6 years. Karla is committed to student success—her students know that she is always available for extra help and she spends many hours in online meetings with students.

As a department head, Karla has provided exemplary support for her colleagues. She is approachable and knowledgeable as a leader. She really believes in the power of online education and that shows in her interactions with students, parents and colleagues. Karla is encouraging and motivating as a teacher and department head. She works hard and expects the same from her students. She is always there to help and doesn’t give up on struggling students or developing teachers.

In an exceptional year, Karla has been there for her colleagues! They are blown away by Karla’s commitment to her students and fellow teachers in this trying time. Her professionalism, work ethic and empathy have not wavered one bit, if anything, she has further developed herself as a professional through all of this.

ADLC teachers, support staff and administrators have had a very trying year and Karla has grown as a professional, a teacher, a leader and a friend. Karla has shown outstanding commitment to her students and teachers, unprecedented empathy in difficult times and extraordinary professionalism in the face of adversity.

She is a school leader who is focused, intelligent, solution-oriented, always interested in improving, collaborative, knows how to build relationships with students, parents, colleagues and anyone necessary for good teaching and learning to occur. Not only is she an exemplary teacher, she has been indispensable for her science colleagues as the department head.

She provides a caring ear, necessary advice and coaching, and direction if necessary. Karla is extremely professional, flexible, adaptable, and of good humour. She can make the most of any situation, and handles adversity excellently. She is well-regarded by students, parents, and her colleagues. Additionally, she is no pushover, but knows how to advocate for what she stands for tactfully. She is a gifted and selfless educator and a tremendous example for all.

“Karla Montgomery is an Exemplary Teacher, who makes a tremendous difference to her students and an outstanding asset to her colleagues and school.”


Karla Montgomery received the Pembina Hills School Division Exemplary Teacher Award in April 2021.