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On February 27, ADLC was informed by Deputy Minister Andre Corbould that the service agreement with Alberta Education will be renewed for 2 more school years; 2020-2021 and 2021-2022. Next year’s funding will be $14 million and in the year following it will be $7 million.

On Wednesday, March 4, a teleconference occurred between Alberta Education and Pembina Hills.

  • Participants from the Ministry of Education included: Minister Adriana LaGrange, Deputy Minister Andre Corbould, Assistant Deputy Minister Gene Williams, Chief of Staff Nicole Williams and MLA Glenn van Dijken.
  • Participants from Pembina Hills included: Board Chair Jennifer Tuininga, Vice Chair Wendy Scinski, Superintendent David Garbutt, Secretary-Treasurer Tracy Meunier, Assistant Superintendent of Education Services Mark Thiesen and ADLC Principal Steven Kaplan.

The message from the Ministry about the conclusion of the ADLC service agreement remains the same. That said, the Minister expressed interest in continuing the conversation.

  • The first step will be a followup meeting between Superintendent David Garbutt, Deputy Minister Andre Corbould, and Assistant Deputy Minister Gene Williams.
  • The Minister has committed to visiting Barrhead’s ADLC campus in the near future.

As we continue the conversation with the Minister, we will be highlighting the following key points:

  • ADLC exists to serve students and teachers in their local schools
  • ADLC is not a distance education school. ADLC is a provincial service that fills critical gaps in programming by providing student instruction and teacher resources to 888 schools including
    *  online and traditional schools in public, separate, charter, private and federally funded
  • ADLC provides services to divisions with Colony and Outreach schools and works with schools to provide specialized language programs, personalized learning, and CTS / elective programming
  • Small schools, large schools, urban, metro and rural schools use ADLC services

To provide a complete understanding of the impact that ADLC has on students, teachers, and schools in the province, we will be reaching out to partner schools to gather data and feedback.

  • We are seeking details on how their students, teachers, and programs are impacted by ADLC.

In the meantime, ADLC will continue to support your students in your schools.

David Garbutt
Superintendent of Schools
Pembina Hills School Division