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ADLC Closure

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ADLC is well positioned to support teachers and students in the Continuity of Education.

ADLC is guided by these two documents:

As was announced March 15 and until further notice, students are no longer allowed to attend in-school classes. Since then, School Authorities have developed plans to support student learning at home. ADLC works with affiliated School Authorities to meet their needs, which include their students. ADLC provides two key services: Student Instruction and Teacher Support.

Students enrolled in ADLC print or online courses through Student Instruction do not need to physically attend their school to continue in their course. Until we receive different guidance, students enrolled in ADLC courses are expected to continue their course work as regularly required. Exceptions* may apply.

ADLC Teachers are responsible for assessing students enrolled in Student Instruction.  They will continue reporting on their progress and will assign a final grade.

Provincial assessments, such as provincial achievement tests (PATs) and Grade 12 diploma exams are cancelled through to the end of June 2020. This applies to all students including those enrolled in Student Instruction at ADLC.

Students currently registered to write diploma exams during April and June sessions will receive exemptions, without the need to apply for the exemption. You may have heard differing messages regarding whether or not students should register for the exam to be eligible for the exemption. However, to avoid disappointment and confusion we strongly recommend that students ensure they are registered to write the diploma exam. To be clear:

  • Students who are enrolled in a Diploma Exam course for the first time and receiving Student Instruction at ADLC will have to register for the diploma exam using MyPass before April 9 to be eligible for the exemption;
  • Students who are retaking a diploma exam course will get a new school-awarded mark upon completion. We have been told that, “Diploma exam rewriters that have a new school-awarded mark will automatically receive an exemption. They do not need to register for the diploma as this would trigger a request for payment”.

Regarding expectations for course completion, in the best interest of the student and within reason:

  • All students who were on track to progress to the next grade or successfully complete a course will do so;
  • “On Track” at ADLC refers to completing as much of the course as reasonably possible* with at least a 50% achievement by June 15;
  • ADLC teachers have been mandated to ensure essential course outcomes are identified and part of a student’s on track achievement. Teachers will communicate this to the student;
  • Every student will receive a final grade.

We trust the professionalism of teachers and education leaders to assess their students’ progress, no matter the learning environment, to determine suitable final grades and ensure students are properly prepared for the next level of their studies.

*Exceptions may apply. Please contact the ADLC teacher for more information or to ask questions. 

Note: This information is effective to date; please ensure to check our website for the latest, or call us at 1-866-774-5333 if you require further information.