ADLC Closure

ADLC will permanently close after the 2020-21 school year. View full details

Student Progression at ADLC

Planning, prevention and proper intervention concerning student progress in ADLC courses is the best way to ensure students are successful. As such, we implemented a Student Progression Timeline at the beginning of this year for students in Student Instruction (SI) courses. This has been a successful tool in assisting schools and students to manage their schedules, learning, and course success. 

We want to highlight the later stages of the Student Progression Timeline. By the third missed deadline, many attempts have been made to get students on track including emails and phone calls to the student and partner school. As a last resort, we issue students a notice of Academic Probation in the hope that it will cause them to recommit to their course. The probation remains in place for the duration of the registration. In many cases, it has led to students re-engaging in their course. However, students who do not re-engage, may be withdrawn from their course. Additionally, the demand for distance education and online courses is higher than usual, and we feel it is appropriate to ensure the opportunity to take ADLC courses is available to students most willing to succeed in the course. 

Please refer to the Student Progression Timeline flowchart in our news post for more details.

We wish you and your students continued success, and as always, we invite you to contact us with any questions at 1-866-774-5333, ext. 5378 or email