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60-Day Non-starter Enrollment Withdrawal

In the Fall of 2017, we introduced the 90-Day withdrawal process as a way to encourage students to begin their courses fairly soon after registration. Evidence suggested that students are motivated at the time of registration and, therefore, more likely to successfully complete their courses.

Based on analysis and feedback received from our partners, we are now shortening the 90-day withdrawal process to 60 days beginning February 4, 2019.

For complete details please read this: 60-Day Non-starter Enrollment Withdrawal.  

The adjustment from 90 to 60-Day Non-starter process days will align with our 60-Day Stall process and will make it easier for students and staff to remember.

Full Screen Communications Window

All communications windows in our Student Information System (SIS) now have the option to make the body of the message text box appear in a full screen. This makes the Communication easier to review.