COVID-19: Accessing ADLC Resources

With the emergence of COVID-19, we would like to remind you that we provide free access to course resources to all schools in the province. View full details

ADLC is pleased to offer our courses to partner schools as resources. These teacher support courses are not taught by ADLC teachers. Instead, schools use the course content in part or in whole, and teaching and assessing is done by the local school’s teachers.  

We wish to remind our Partner school authorities that ADLC takes responsibility for the content in the Master versions of our courses. Recall that ADLC Teacher Support services allows Partner School Authorities and teachers the ability to make copies of the Master course and customize their copies to better suit their school and community needs. We cannot be responsible for the content of courses that have been copied and customized locally. All Alberta teachers are responsible for the resources used within their class, even if the resources originally came from a recognizable and trustworthy source, such as ADLC.

We update our Master courses frequently and urge you to seek the latest version of a course. If you are not sure that you have the latest version, please contact us.