ADLC has maintained campuses in Barrhead and Edmonton since 1983, and Calgary and Lethbridge since 1999, primarily to provide space for adult students to register for courses, write exams and drop off lessons and assignments. To focus resources on serving Alberta’s school-aged students, ADLC is changing the way we use campuses.

On May 1, campuses in Edmonton and Calgary will be transferred to Vista Virtual School (a.k.a. VVS, a partner school also with Pembina Hills Public Schools). ADLC’s Lethbridge campus is currently up for lease. ADLC’s Barrhead campus will remain the main office.

As we transition, staff at each campus will continue to provide support for ADLC & VVS including assisting with print materials, textbook returns, accepting payments, and writing exams until August 31 or sooner if notified.

Why the change?

Campuses are primarily used by VVS students and adult students (and we are transitioning away from serving adults).

Campuses are a significant cost for ADLC. Lethbridge, Calgary, and Edmonton campuses and associated operational costs combine to $580,190 per year.

Where can I write exams?

In general, distance education students are to write exams at their local schools.

Students not attending local schools, or without distance education facilitators (current unfunded students registered directly with ADLC, homeschool students, or otherwise) will need to contact ADLC to find a local approved exam supervisor, or find their own exam supervisor and complete and submit an Exam Supervisor Application Form.

ADLC’s school-aged Student Instruction (SI) students may write exams at campuses in lieu of their local schools in July and August only, though this may change in Lethbridge if that lease is taken over sooner. Adult students should review separate instructions for writing exams.


If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to reach out to Principal McCallum.

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