Andrea Donini

In the Communications and Marketing department our job is to tell the story of ADLC and what distance education means to the students and educators of Alberta. It’s a privilege to be able to tell these stories, to get a glimpse into the far-reaching lives of ADLC’s students, understand their challenges, and learn the ways in which they find success.

To do this work, I rely on a background in writing, editing, design, brand management, and strategy. From my beginnings in the tech sector, through fundraising for not-for-profit, to working in a full service advertising agency, I have always been passionate about people. My goal is to help those around me succeed by increasing awareness and support for what they’re doing. Working with the incredible teachers, administrators, staff and students of ADLC makes coming to work everyday a joy.

Communications and Marketing is here to make accessing information about ADLC – our courses, our teachers, our students, our partners – easier. We hope we’re getting it right, and if we’re not, we want to hear about it!