Assistant Coordinator
Edmonton Campus



When I was an elementary student, my principal said I was the happiest kid in school—I always had a smile on my face. I loved school then, and not much has changed, which is one of the many reasons I’m delighted to work at Alberta Distance Learning Centre | ADLC.

In my role as Assistant Coordinator of Communications, I see myself as a storyteller. Though I may not be sitting around a circle with a picture book, I play various parts in seeing that the stories of those who use ADLC as a resource—be they teachers, students, partners, or otherwise—are told. My background in journalism gives me a big backpack of skills to from which to draw, including: research, interviewing, writing, and editing. Past work experience in managing brand and maintaining an online presence helps me make choices that align with ADLC’s goals and overall vision.

Though my role at ADLC is not that of a teacher, I’m passionate about continuous education. My own experiences in the area include teaching English to students aged 4–16 abroad, instructing yoga and fitness classes, and coaching womens’ volleyball. I’m also a firm believer that travel can create opportunities for the most powerful education possible.

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