How is my course like athletics?

Patrick | November 17, 2016

ADLC teachers’ stories provide a great window to all the experience and collective skills that ADLC has to offer its students.  Read more from Senior High French & Religious Studies teacher Patrick Fountain. Psst—prefer band class to burpees? Read Patrick’s previous post, “How is my course like being part of an orchestra?“. Sports practice. Warm-up. Jog down […]

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How is my course like being part of an orchestra?

Patrick | October 6, 2016

ADLC teachers’ stories provide a great window to all the experience and collective skills that ADLC has to offer its students. Read more from Patrick. Band practice. In a group. Alone in the basement. Practice, practice, practice! The conductor insists that you practice thoroughly until you know the music forwards and backwards. Well, not literally backwards. Why […]

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Second Languages Open Doors of Opportunity

Patrick | January 6, 2016

¡Hola! One summer I travelled to Baja California, Mexico with a group of about 55 youth and adult sponsors. What we observed helped alter my practical approach to education ever since: The migrant community there was from Oaxaca — a region further south — and workers were brought to the Baja to work in the tomato plantations. Children as […]

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Post-Secondary Resources for Aboriginal Students

Gary Simpson | October 27, 2015

Indigenous and Aboriginal Student Post-Secondary Resources Students with Treaty Status can approach their band office regarding educational funding for college and university studies. General Resources Aboriginal Canada Portal . Government of Canada website with information about awards and scholarships. Aboriginal Peoples’ Choice Music Awards  Aboriginal Sports Circle – NWT Bands by Province.  Website has map showing […]

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What types of students excel at learning a new language?

Patrick | September 11, 2015

Bonjour de nouveau! In my experience in Modern Languages Teaching, two types of students stand out as outstanding examples of language-learners: a. mimics b. memorizers If you can mimic different accents by getting your mouth around hard-to-pronounce syllables in whatever tongue you know, you are a prime candidate to learn an additional language! (*Notice we’re not saying […]

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