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Administrators 1-866-774-5333

Name Title Extension
De Clercq, Loya Associate Principal 5313
Kaplan, Steven Principal 5151
Warkentin, Jake Associate Principal 5297

Communications - Contracts 1-866-774-5333

Name Title Extension
Carswell, Jan Administrative Assistant 5180
Thiesen, Colleen Assistant Coordinator 5122

Digital Design Unit 1-866-774-5333

Name Title Extension
Gerun, Diane Copyright Officer 5378
Kennedy, Kelly Support Staff 5244
Reschke, Julie Support Staff 5211
Silgard, Donna Business Manager 5150
Thompson, Lanette Support Staff 5390
Troock, Tara Support Staff 5248

Distribution 1-866-774-5333

Name Title Extension
De Zaeyer, Camile Support Staff 5200
Messmer, Laurie Support Staff 5200
Poonia, Gurtek Support Staff 5200

Finance 1-866-774-5333

Name Title Extension
De Groote, Lora Support Staff 5308
Gauthier, Lyndsey Assistant Coordinator of Finance Services 5260
Schulte, Jennifer Support Staff 5143

Information Technology 1-866-774-5333

Name Title Extension
Baker, Avery Help Desk, Network Administrator 5322
Doole, Trista LMS (Moodle) Support 5256
Estabrook, Ron Coordinator 5217
Hucik, Cassie LMS (Moodle) Support 5256
Jinks, Trish SIS Support 5207
Martinez, Tim Programmer Analyst - LMS 5256
Reich, Kevin Help Desk 5322
Schole, Crystal Help Desk, Server Administrator 5322
Schwab, Cindy LMS (Moodle) Support 5256
Westerlund, Nicole SIS Support 5207

Partner Support 1-866-774-5333

Name Title Extension
Chase, Valerie Support Staff 5378
Cober, Sandra Support Staff 5378
Degen, Angela Support Staff 5378
Harris, Yvonne Support Staff 5378
Kerckhof, Goedele Support Staff 5378
Kluin, Helen Support Staff 5378
Knapp, Cindy Administrative Support 5291
Lesko, Judy Support Staff 5378
MacKenzie, JoAn Support Staff 5378
Teske, Mavis Support Staff 5378
VanAert, Patti Support Staff 5378

Teachers - Elementary/Junior High 1-866-774-5333

Name Title Extension
Cartwright, Kylie Elementary 5119
Corrigan, Miranda Elementary Junior High 5175
Davies, Karen Junior High 5381
Davies, Sarah 6235
Frose, Cheryl Department Head 5177
Goerz, Laura Elementary 5185
Hansen, Erik Junior High 5195
Holt, Noreen Junior High 5287
Klemmer, Donna Junior High 5222
Lynch, Maegen Junior High 5186
Martha, Josef Junior High 5267
Michaud, Blair Elementary 5164
Miller, Danielle Junior High 7266
Palmer, Lori Elementary 5158
Rogerson, Patricia Junior High 5101
Senger, Heather Elementary 5188
Siegle, Lisa Elementary, SuccessMaker Enrichment Program 5223
Wegner, Heidi Junior High 5191
Workun, Bill Elementary 5288

Teachers - French Immersion 1-866-774-5333

Name Title Extension
Asselin, Carl French Immersion 7384
Schaller-Davis, Sylvie French Immersion 7393

Teachers - Religious Studies 1-866-774-5333

Name Title Extension
Rempel, Isabel Religious Studies, Electives, JH Christian Programming 5153

Teachers - Second Languages 1-866-774-5333

Name Title Extension
Acevedo, Alejandro Second Languages 7370
Climenhaga, Kristen Department Head - Senior High Social Studies, Second Languages 5238
Fountain, Patrick Second Languages 5133
Hinrichsen, Margareta CTS, Second Languages 7389
Hunt, Robin Social and Second Languages 5156
McCartney, Laura Second Languages 7261

Teachers - Senior High CTS - Electives 1-866-774-5333

Name Title Extension
Bisoo, Dan CTS 5194
Borle, Christie CTS, Electives 7214
Coulson, Jessie CTS 5178
Fisher, Jaime CTS 5224
Hinrichsen, Margareta CTS, Second Languages 7389
Janzen, Bevan CTS, Electives 5208
Jeffers, Eliise CTS 7365
Lindsay, Monica CTS, Electives 5192
Luciuk, Jessica Department Head 5316
MacMillan, Christina Electives 5173
McWhirter, Angie CTS 5103
Rempel, Isabel Religious Studies, Electives, JH Christian Programming 5153
Schmidt, Roxanne Electives 5152
Smith, Nicole Electives 5311
Waldowski-Puskeppelies, Crystal Electives 7364

Teachers - Senior High English 1-866-774-5333

Name Title Extension
Coulman-Absher, Kyla English 5387
Dennis, Tracy English 5384
Euston, Catherine English 7386
Klassen, Carey English 7213
MacDonald, Melissa English 5166
McCormick, Jennifer English 5165
Pisoni, Michelle English 7391
Van De Keere, Rhonda Department Head 5254
Wong, Emily English 7381

Teachers - Senior High Math 1-866-774-5333

Name Title Extension
Enns, Laura Math 5230
George, Georgina Math 5193
Heaton, Marquessa Department Head 5227
Josafatow, John Math 5229
Land, Jason Math 5203
Mazerolle, Steve Math 5184
McCann, Nicholas Math 5380
Pinder, Norene Math 5149
Remus, Janet Math 6217
Riar, Navreet Math 5126
Szautner, Corrie Math Teacher
Szautner, Keith Math 7216
Yao, Richard Math 5239

Teachers - Senior High Science 1-866-774-5333

Name Title Extension
Assigbe, Sylvanus Science 5196
Birnie, Megan Science 5167
Boudreau, Julie Science 7210
Hampton, Helen Science 7387
Lalor, Fintan Science 5148
Lawrence, Shawn Science 5266
Lewis, Petra Science 5181
McQuhae, Sine Science 7218
Montgomery, Karla Department Head 5292
Pinder, Doug Science 5168
Reid, Melissa Science 5197
Rigby, Andrew Science 5155
Smith, Robert Science 5220
Stocki, Shelli Science 5265
Viola, Angela Science 7394

Teachers - Senior High Social Studies 1-866-774-5333

Name Title Extension
Ashley, Andrew Social Studies 5216
Climenhaga, Kristen Department Head - Senior High Social Studies, Second Languages 5238
Drapaka, Stephen Social Studies 5383
Harper, Stacy Social Studies 7388
Hunt, Robin Social and Second Languages 5156
Landon, Wes Social Studies 5219
Macklin, Kristin Social Studies 5161
McIldoon, Jamie Social Studies 5102
Solyom, Levente Social Studies 5290
Tournier, Denise Social Studies 7363