ADLC Closure

ADLC will permanently close after the 2020-21 school year. View full details

Distance Education Contacts: Please use the forms listed in the menu as needed.

Exam Supervisor Application Occasionally, a student may need to change their exam supervisor from their appointed school supervisor. In order to do that, this form must be completed. We will double check with your school to gain their approval.

Exemption Checklists Grade 1-9 students enrolling in ADLC courses that have previously completed work in those courses at their local school, may qualify for exemptions. These checklists are completed by the student’s previous teacher.

Finance User Request This is the person at the school who has access to the school’s invoices and is responsible for approving them for payment. This form is used to update Finance User information.

New Partner School Registration Schools wishing to access ADLC’s SI & TS courses are required to register as an affiliation partner school within our Student Information System (SIS). This form should be completed by School Administration who designate users and access. It is used for schools new to ADLC or those that haven’t been active in our systems for a while.

Prerequisite Waiver Form – This form is used to handle requests for waiving prerequisites for courses.

Super User Request The Super User has the authority to enroll students in ADLC sections; manage student enrollments; charge to their school account; create and modify sections; and add other users such as teachers and coaches. This form is used to update Super User information.


Please contact Partner Support for additional help or questions.