ADLC Closure

ADLC will permanently close after the 2020-21 school year. View full details

**Registration Deadlines**

  • April 16 for 3-, 4-, 5-credit & elementary/junior high SI courses
  • May 14 for 1-credit SI courses 

We do not charge fees for Student Instruction (SI).

We support Alberta schools who register their school-aged, funded students in courses through ADLC.

For more information about online learning, see the Alberta Education Online Learning Guides (bottom of page)

How do I register my students into ADLC-instructed courses?

Parents are unable to register children directly with ADLC. Parents are advised to contact their local school for more information.

  1. Partner Schools are required to create an account for their school by completing the Partner School Registration Form.
                Already Registered? Update your school’s account information using the same form.
  2. The registered email will receive login information for our Student Information System (SIS).

With the self-serve nature of SIS, schools can manage their own student enrolments (as an affiliation Super User), create their own sections (courses), add students/teachers and track student performance.

Before You Register A Student:

Our Course Listing is located in SIS.  Check the course description to determine if any prerequisites are required. Also, make note of which materials your students will need.  Many courses are available as either print or online. You can decide if an online or print course is right for your student.

Note:  Prerequisites for courses are set by Alberta Education. 

  • Schools need to ensure that the prerequisites are confirmed prior to enrolling students.
  • If a student completes a course without the prerequisite, they may not receive the credits and there may be a funding conflict.
  • Visit the Alberta Education website for the most accurate and up-to-date information relating to prerequisites and the authority to waive them.

We recommend a maximum of 10 credits to be taken at a time.

Materials – Some materials are required for course completion (noted as such in the course description) and can only be purchased from ADLC.

Textbooks are required for course completion but can be purchased anywhere. When purchased from ADLC, textbooks returned in good condition may be eligible for partial refund. See our Refund Policy. Where multiple novels are listed for the course, only one needs to be chosen.

Homeschooling in Alberta offers a lot of choice and flexibility and can often be confusing.

Families can choose to direct their child(ren)’s education on their own, or they can choose to have professional teachers provide this direction. ADLC provides teacher instruction aligned to the Alberta Programs of Study through print and online courses. This service is available through any school authority in Alberta.

For more information on Homeschooling, call us at 1-866-774-5333 or email at

ADLC is mandated to serve only Alberta school-aged funded students (see section 8 of the School Act) through their local schools.

Adults and Out-of-Province students can visit the Alberta Education Online Learning Directory to find an online school accepting direct registrations.


Alberta Education has a service agreement that guides Pembina Hills School Division in the operations of ADLC. ADLC’s education services for Alberta Accredited International Schools (AAIS) will continue for 2020/21. We are pleased to continue to work with AAIS.

Tuition fees will apply. Please contact Partner Support at 1-866-774-5333 or email at for further information.

International Students can also refer to Alberta Educations recommended Alberta Accredited International Schools for more information.