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Online course assignments are submitted directly to the teacher for marking through Moodle.

Print assignments are to be scanned and PDFs uploaded to Moodle.

Print based courses typically have print-based assignment books and will, from time to time, have certain assignments available for online completion. Courses are set up differently, so be sure to check with your ADLC teacher so that you are using the assignment completion method that is best suited to you.

Regardless of how you complete an assignment, ADLC strongly recommends submitting your assignments through your course’s online Moodle page. This will speed up how quickly you receive feedback: Submissions online will be marked within 3 business days, while submissions that are mailed in often take up to 3 weeks to be returned to the student. To submit an assignment online, you may need to scan your document to create a digital file. Refer to the Scanning section below for directions.

Bulk Submissions of Assignments

A bulk submission of assignments is when a student submits two or more assignments on the same day.

ADLC strongly recommends that you submit each assignment as it is completed. Do not hold on to multiple assignments to submit everything at once.

If you choose to hand-in more than one assignment on the same day, there will be a delay in them being returned to you with feedback. This is especially true at busy times of the year such as January and June.

Unmarked Assignments

It is your responsibility to ensure assignments have been graded, to check your marks, and to read all feedback. You will be withdrawn from your course if 40 days (senior high courses) or 60 days (elementary/junior high courses) goes by without an assignment submitted and graded. See the Student-Related Policies page for more details about the automatic withdrawal policies.

Unmarked assignments are typically the result of:

  1. The submission process was not completed. Check the status of your submission, if it says ‘draft’ you will need to click submit again. Only assignments with the status of ‘Submitted for Marking’ are able to be marked.
  2. There are issues with the submission. Check for feedback on that assignment. From time to time there will be technical issues with files. This can include things like submitting the wrong file, scans that can’t be read or bad file types.

Submitting Scanned Assignments

Follow these guidelines if you have an assignment that has been completed in print form and you need to digitize it so that you can submit it online.

Scanned assignments:

  • Must be sent as one complete document. (Example: one document with four pages, not four one-page documents.)
  • Must be in PDF file format. (Check the settings of the scanner you are using to ensure the scan is not a JPEG file extension.)
  • Must contain all pages that have work, including a cover page with your name on it. You do not need to scan informational pages that do not contain your work.
  • Must not be emailed directly to your teacher from a scanning app.
Using a Smartphone or Tablet to Scan

Many students are able to scan work themselves using free scanning apps that can be downloaded onto smartphones or tablets. See the Electronic Submissions Instructions.

Typically, once you have scanned a complete file, you are able to email yourself the file. After you have the file in your email you can download it and submit using the submission pages.

Submitting Assignments using Google Drive (Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc.)

If you are using Google Drive to complete assignments, there are two ways you can submit the assignment into the Moodle course.

  1. Download your assignment as a PDF file or other file extension and upload that file into the course assignment page.
  2. Obtain a public share link and submit the share link into your online course.

NOTE: Other cloud-based submissions are accepted using a similar process to the above.

Reducing File Size

Prior to submitting assignments, check with your teacher to make sure the file size is under the maximum allowance for your course. Typically, Microsoft Office Word documents, Google Docs, and Pages, will be well under these limits. Files with many pictures, videos or music will often be too large to be uploaded to the submission page.

If you are using Microsoft Office software use the link for tips on reducing file size. If you are using Google Drive or other cloud-based programs, you may provide a shared link from those services.

Marked Assignments

Getting Feedback on Marked Assignments in Online Courses
Follow the directions to find and read your feedback.

Getting Feedback on Marked Assignments in Print Courses
To support swift receipt of feedback to better support the learning process, ADLC strongly recommends submitting your assignments through your course’s Moodle page as this will speed up how quickly you receive feedback.

If you chose to submit your assignments by mail, your assignment will be returned to you with a note directing you to access your course’s Moodle page to review the teacher’s feedback for that assignment. The printed assignment will not be written upon as all feedback will be recorded in Moodle, unless you have requested to opt out of the scanning process.

Redoing an Assignment

There may be instances where you don’t understand a major concept in the course which results in a poor grade on an assignment. Your ADLC teacher may give you a second chance, and this is called a “redo”.

You will need to request a redo from your teacher. Do your best on all assignments because a redo is not guaranteed and is granted at the discretion of the ADLC teacher. Most courses will have a clearly defined redo policy in the introduction section.

Quizzes/Quiz Tool

Pay special attention to:

  • Time Limit: If there is no time limit you will be able to continue the quiz later. When a time limit expires you will not be able to provide any further answers in that quiz.
  • Password: If a password is required, contact your ADLC teacher for access.
  • Is the quiz open-book? If the quiz is open-book, you can use all course content, textbooks or notes you have taken while completing the quiz. It is helpful to know how to use multiple windows/tabs on your computer. Typically if the quiz is open-book, you can also contact your ADLC teacher if you are having problems with a question.