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Course Expiration Date

Important:  The Course Expiration Date is the date that course is removed from the Student Information System (SIS) and Moodle and not the due date for your last assignment to be submitted. You must make sure that your last assignments have been submitted with enough time for them to be marked and processed before the course expires.

Please note:

  • If your last submissions are online (including scanned print assignments), you should give a minimum of 7 days to process your final work.
  • If your submissions are print and mailed/dropped off at the ADLC office, you should give a minimum of 14 days from the date of sending or drop off for last submissions to be marked and processed.

How to find your course expiration dates:

Course Completion

Your course is completed after your ADLC teacher assigns your final mark. This is a manual process that requires time for the teacher to complete.

You will receive an email confirming that your course has been completed. The email will contain your final mark and a comment from your ADLC teacher. The email will be sent to the student email address listed in the SIS.

Once your ADLC teacher completes your course grade, you will lose all access to your course in Moodle. However, if you have completed a course for which you can write a diploma exam you will be able to access your course in Moodle for another 6 months after the completion date.

You can still access your marks in SIS in the Gradebook.

ADLC reports grades directly to Alberta Education immediately after the ADLC teacher completes your course. Completed high school courses will appear on your Detailed Academic Report (DAR) and on your Official Transcript. You can access all high school marks/credits with Alberta Education through myPass.

For successful completion of your course, you must satisfactorily meet the outcomes of your course by:

  1. Completing all assignments to the best of your ability. Incomplete assignments will be returned unmarked.
  2. Achieving a satisfactory mark on the final exam. If your final exam mark is below 40% or more than 25% lower than your course average before the final exam, your teacher has the discretion to use your final exam mark as your final course mark.
  3. Achieving a final course mark of 50% or higher.

Extending Courses

Course extensions may be granted if certain conditions are met. Your school must apply for course extensions between May 1 and 15th and if approved by ADLC administration, notice will be given June 1. Approved course(s) extensions are extended to August 14. More details can be found in our news post.

Withdrawal Process

Students can discuss withdrawing from their course with their teachers, counsellors or principals at their school.

Withdrawn courses will appear on your Detailed Academic Report (DAR) but not on your Official Transcript; you can access this report and can order transcripts on myPass.

Textbook Returns

Textbooks purchased from ADLC may be returned for a partial refund. See our Refund Policy and speak to your school for further information.

CTS Policy

In order to earn a credit for all Career and Technology Studies (CTS) courses at ADLC, you must achieve 50% or greater on every assignment within the course. If you earn 49% or less, you will be expected to redo the assignment.