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General Information about Exams

  • All exams must be supervised by ADLC approved supervisors.
  • Generally students write exams at their school. Students who are unable to write exams at their school, associate school board or associate private school, or at the ADLC office, are required to find an eligible exam supervisor who must complete the Exam Supervisor Application Form.
  • Homeschool students need to arrange to write supervised exams through their associate school board or associate private school.
  • Exams can only be released for the student to write after the required number of gradables have been submitted AND marked.
  • An exam cannot be booked until the exam is eligible to be released.
  • Students can request additional time to write.  Therefore be sure to schedule enough time with your Exam Supervisor.

Diploma Exams

All students must register themselves to write diploma exams through MyPass. Please refer to Alberta Education’s General Information Bulletin for deadlines. Please ensure you allow plenty of lead time for us to get your marks into Alberta Education. If you are unsure of timelines, please ask your ADLC teacher.

How to Book an Exam

Questions regarding these instructions should be directed to your teacher.

Step 1:  Check your Gradebook – Have you completed the required number of gradables (assignments)?
  • Login to SIS and make your way to the Gradebook.
  • With the correct course selected, refer to the Course requires area located on the right side of the screen and above the assignment listing, to determine the required number of completed (marked) gradables (i.e., assignments) to book an exam.
  • Refer to the Assignments field, located above the Course requires area, to determine your number of completed (marked) gradables.
    • If you have not completed enough assignments, then you must wait to book your exam until the required number of completed (marked) gradables is met.
    • If you have completed the required number of gradables, continue to step 2 below.
Step 2:  Determine writing location
  • Students contact their school to schedule their exam. You should not need to refer to any further instructions in this section. OR
  • Students unable to have their exam supervised at their school continue with Step 3.
Step 3:  Contact your Exam Supervisor
  • If you can travel to write your exam at the ADLC office in Barrhead, contact Partner Support to arrange a date and time to write your exam.
  • If you are not able to write your exam at the ADLC office, then you must find an eligible exam supervisor and you both must complete the Exam Supervisor Application Form (criteria is listed on the form) and submit to Partner Support at info@adlc.ca for processing and approval.

Prepare for your Exam

Students are encouraged to consider using ExamBank as part of their preparation.  ExamBank offers online study resources for all subjects. Each practice test is automatically marked as soon as the student is done. Students can contact their ADLC teacher for access to ExamBank.

Writing an Exam

  • Photo identification is required
  • Mobile devices must be turned off or set to ‘Silent’ and given to the Exam Supervisor for the duration of the exam
  • Personal belongings (i.e. purses, backpacks etc) other than that which is required to write the exam, must be left with the Exam Supervisor
  • If you are writing an online exam, the Exam Supervisor will set up your computer and will enter the password to access your exam.

Exam Policy

If a student’s final exam mark is below 40%, or more than 25% lower than their course average before the final exam, their final exam mark may be used as their final mark.

Appeal Exams

You must contact your ADLC teacher to discuss appeal exams.

If you have any questions about the exam process, please give us a call at 1-866-774-5333 or email info@adlc.ca

Exam Supervision