Career Pathways Course Collections

“A pathway is a selection of courses to give students the opportunity to explore and acquire the attitudes, skills and knowledge for a career that is relevant to their interests. Pathways support goals that may include university, college, apprentice training, or moving directly into the workforce. Teachers and students can select and combine CTS courses to create pathways for exploration, specialization and credentialing.” – Alberta Education. Our CTS teachers have carefully hand-picked courses to create CTS Career Pathways Course Collections. These 5-credit Course Collections are intended to introduce students to potential career path options. Below you will find a list of all the Course Collections along with all the individual courses included in Course Collection programs.

Course Collections

Courses Available in Program

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Colleen Sereda
Senior High CTS Teacher,
Learning Network Liaison North West Region
C. Waldowski-Puskeppelies, MEd., M.E.T.
Department of Art & Design Studies & SIS Teacher Liaison
Eliise Jeffers
Senior High CTS Teacher
Gary Frederickson
Senior High CTS Teacher,
Learning Network Liaison Lethbridge Region
JoAnne Hartigan
Senior High CTS Teacher
Karen Campbell
Senior High CTS/PEC Teacher
Leonard Arden
Senior High CTS Teacher
Loya De Clercq
Senior High CTS Teacher
Margareta Hinrichsen
Senior High Second Languages Teacher,
Senior High CTS Teacher