Every year, ADLC recognizes our students’ accomplishments through an extensive Awards Program.

Note: Nominations for 2016/17 Awards must be submitted by August 31, 2017.

Merit Awards

Merit Award certificates recognize consistent student effort that results in significant improvements in academic achievement, organizational skills, or quality of work. Merit Award certificates are also presented to students who display acts of compassion in their communities or demonstrate significant commitment to volunteerism.

SuccessMaker® Merit Awards

These certificates are presented to students participating in the SuccessMaker® program in recognition of consistent effort that results in significant improvements in academic achievement, organizational skills, or quality of work.

Top Marks

Senior high students who earn the highest mark in a given course are presented with Top Marks certificates.

Honour Roll

Full-time students who achieve 80% or better in all core courses are awarded honour roll certificates. Students who achieve honours in CTS courses are also recognized with CTS Honours.

Graduate and Alumni Awards

Students or alumni who have completed all grades in either elementary, junior high, or senior high with ADLC are recognized with this award.

ADLC Principal Awards

Students, families, and partners who demonstrate outstanding involvement with ADLC are honoured with a plaque. Family and partner awards are presented to a nominee from both Northern and Southern Alberta. The number of these awards presented is kept to a minimum to maintain the prestige of this ultimate Merit Award.


Students are invited to apply for the following scholarships:

Note: ADLC students wishing to apply for scholarships must do so here by August 31, 2017.

Raju Family Distance Learning Award

The Raju family established this monetary award to recognize students who show diligence in their work while studying at a distance through ADLC. In addition to consistent hard work, students must also demonstrate good citizenship in caring for others. For the purposes of this award, success is measured in terms of the positive differences students make in the lives of others. Students who receive this award may use the money however they chose.

PHPS Citizenship Award

This award recognizes elementary and junior and senior high students who demonstrate concern for their school and community and/or participate in local or regional organizations (ie., 4-H, youth groups, etc.). Students who receive this award have an active history of volunteerism, a proven ability to learn from errors and positively accept consequences for their actions, and a proven history of actively seeking positive solutions to problems and issues. Students must also maintain an overall academic standard of at least 70% in the four core courses to qualify for consideration.

Alberta Teachers’ Association

Pembina Hills Local #22 – An annual scholarship of $1000 is presented to graduates (one from each PHPS Senior High School in ATA Local #22, including ADLC) pursuing careers in education. The principal of ADLC chooses the recipients of these awards based on qualifications that include success in distance education and an overall academic record of at least 70% in each of the four core subjects.

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students achieving a minimum of 75% in five designated courses in at least one senior high grade. Deadline for application to Alberta Scholarships Program is May 1 for September entry and December 1 for January entry.

Mildred Rowe Weston Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the estate of the late Mildred Rowe Weston to assist students who have taken courses through ADLC and intend to pursue post-secondary studies. Up to three scholarships of $1,000 each are awarded each year.

Alberta Scholarships and Bursary Programs can be accessed at Alberta Education – Scholarships and Bursaries.