Going Global’s Mission Statement: provide students with the opportunity to connect with peers around the world by participating in events that advocate for fair treatment for all.

Going Global is a club for ADLC and VVS students that focuses on understanding and tackling some of the world’s greatest challenges.

If you’re interested in actively shaping a more inclusive, peaceful, and sustainable world, we encourage you to get involved. Club activities include ongoing web-stream seminars that connect you with humanitarians from TakingITGlobal and The Centre for Global Education.

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Current Projects

Ongoing Projects

  • Project of Heart – As a part of Alberta’s Project of Heart, ADLC & VVS students (and students from across the province) submitted artwork and writing depicting their understanding of the people of Alberta’s journey towards reconciliation. Students whose artwork has been chosen to be displayed in the e-book may join an online conversation discussing each others submissions and next steps on the path towards reconciliation.
  • Green Learning Project – This national project is for students who have a passion for taking action on climate change. This project culminates in a potential opportunity to present work to Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change. Learn more.
    • Use the GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Calculator to explore ways to reduce your carbon emissions. List your name, your school (ADLC), and your province, and log in to make a commitment to reducing your total GHGs, and view how other Canadians are working to reduce theirs. View full instructions for the GHG calculator here.

Upcoming VideoConferencing Events

View the calendar, or sign up for upcoming events through TakingItGlobal.

Art Club

The Going Global: Art Club meets online every second Wednesday. Members of the Going Global: Art Club work with a mentor artist to create pieces that speak to global issues. Learn more, or sign up here.

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Past Student Work

Student Projects

Through Going Global, ADLC and VVS students have contributed to the following projects, among others:

Going Global club members have had numerous opportunities to present their work to local and international leaders at events around the world. Students participating in Going Global through The Centre for Global Education have been featured in headlines for their work:

Student Gallery

Going Global on the Web

Going Global works in partnership with The Centre for Global Education, an Edmonton-based high school program created to provide students with learning opportunities fit for the 21st century.

The Centre works with partners like Microsoft, UNESCO Associated Schools, and Taking IT Global to help students from Canada and around the globe collaborate on issues that matter.

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