The Physical Education, Electives, and CALM (PEC) program is designed to promote health and well-being. Through these programs, students learn how to become well-rounded and positive individuals within the global community.

The PEC department consists of five professional teachers who are keen on helping students develop healthy emotional intelligence and on encouraging life-long professional and personal development.

Related Staff

Christie Borle

Senior High CALM and Hunting & Game Management Teacher,
CTS/PEC Department Head

Career and Life Management (CALM) - Print

Career and Life Management (CALM) - With Human Sexuality Content

Career and Life Management (CALM) (Carrière et vie) - Without Human Sexuality Content

Hunting and Game Management Theory

C. Waldowski-Puskeppelies, MEd., M.E.T.

Department of Art & Design Studies & SIS Teacher Liaison

Art 10 (4cr)

Art 10 (5cr)

Art 20 (Arts visuels 20)

Art 30 (Arts visuels 30)

Helen Hampton

Senior High Science Teacher

Chemistry 30 (Chimie 30)

Forensic Science 25 (Criminalistique 25)

Isabel Rempel

Elementary Teacher,
Christian Program Teacher

Bible C

Grade 9 English Language Arts

Grade 9 Health and Personal Life Skills

Grade 9 Social Studies

Jessica Luciuk

Elementary/Junior High Physical Education Teacher,
Senior High CTS/PEC Teacher

Coaching 1

Coaching 2

Foundations for Training 2

Sport and Society

Karen Campbell

Senior High CTS/PEC Teacher

Abnormal Psychology 35 (Psychologie anormale 35)

Experimental Psychology 30

General Psychology 20

General Sociology 20

Patrick Fountain

Senior High French (FSL)

French 30-3Y (3 Year Program)

Religious Studies 15-5

Religious Studies 25-5

Religious Studies 35-5

Pierre Cormier

French Immersion Humanities Teacher

Forensic Science 25 (Criminalistique 25)

Forensic Science 35 (3cr) (Criminalistique 35)

Social Studies 20-1 (Études sociales 20-1)

Social Studies 30-2 (Études sociales 30-2)

Shane Andersen

Senior High Science Teacher,
Coordinator Assessments

Forensic Science 35 (3cr) (Criminalistique 35)

Forensic Science 35 (5cr)

Vanessa Mathison

Junior High English & Music Teacher,
Senior High Music Teacher

Grade 8 English Language Arts

Grade 9 English Language Arts

Music 10

Music A