Distance learning provides a lot of amazing flexibility for students over the summer. They can work from their backyard, take homework along on vacation, or take time off as needed. There are a few things to keep in mind, though.

Unlike standard “summer school” courses, ADLC courses are not condensed versions designed to be completed in two months. They are a full semester’s (or 10 months, in Elementary and Junior High) worth of course work.

We’ve outlined these grade-specific guidelines for approaching the summer months.

Elementary and Junior High

If students are looking to get ahead or catch up in an elementary or junior high course, we recommend some alternatives that set them up for better success in the summer months:

Each booklet has 15 lessons covering the most important areas or concepts of the Alberta curriculum. We recommend students purchase the Teacher Key version (so they have the answers) of Preview/Review materials. Note: Some Preview/Review courses may also require a textbook.

If they still want to register in a full Grade 1-9 course, the school is responsible for registration.

Grade 9

Grade 9 students wishing to re-do a Grade 9 course through ADLC must be registered through their local school or school division.

Graduating Grade 9 students may take ADLC’s senior high courses to start accumulating credits toward high school completion. Students wanting to enrol in a high school course, must be registered through their local school or school division. This ensures that any possible prerequisite conflicts are covered and that the student has the support of their school.

Note: Credits for high school courses taken by students going into senior high won’t be finalized (and show on their transcript) until early September.

Senior High

Senior high summer school registrations should also go through the local school, if possible—if not, students may register online through ADLC.

Still unsure about the best summer school solution to recommend to your student? Contact our Learning Network team who would be happy to help.

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