ADLC offers a series of four web-based courses (ESL 10, Levels 2-5) that draw on a database of more than a billion words from texts spoken and/or written in North American English. These courses have been developed in collaboration with Cambridge University Press and offer a completely customizable suite of easy-to-use digital course components.

Touchstone Blended Learning

ESL students receive

  • a flexible program that uses current themes and popular culture to engage the learner in the English language,
  • automated assessments that give students feedback in real time,
  • access to discussion blogs and forums to engage with teachers and peers,
  • opportunities to speak the language through presentations based on course themes, and
  • the flexibility to learn at any time, any place, and any pace.

ESL 10 Level 2-5 is a highly interactive software that provides

  • hundreds of hours of interactive activities,
  • instant online access from anywhere with an internet connection (students can study in a space of their choosing, rather than having to wait for a computer to become available in a computer lab),
  • a varied and engaging learning experience through multimedia exercises that motivate students and put them in charge of their own learning (features such as audio and video role-playing activities provide opportunities for self-study),
  • an Online Workbook, available as a stand-alone component or integrated seamlessly into the online course,
  • extra practice sections that focus on key points of English grammar,
  • “can-do” objectives that highlight the outcomes of each lesson and “no I can” self-evaluation sections at the end of each unit,
  • a “common errors” panel that helps students avoid basic errors and improve their test scores,
  • reading tips that introduce skills and strategies to help students develop reading proficiency,
  • “sounds right” activities that encourage additional pronunciation practice,
  • additional content, including audio, video activities, and selected readings from a variety of sources,
  • a collaborative environment for students to communicate with each other and their teachers as they produce accurately written and spoken English, and
  • all the content and activities students need to become fluent in English in one place: the Cambridge Learning Management System (Cambridge LMS). Everything teachers need to manage and run a successful English-language course also resides here and is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

ESL 10 Level 2-5 also provides useful diagnostic tools that

  • give students ongoing and immediate feedback,
  • allow teachers to personalize content using the Cambridge LMS or PresentationPlus™ software, and
  • provide continual assessment (placement, ongoing assessment, final report, etc.).

ESL 10 Level 2-5 is suitable for high school students.

More Information

For more information about ESL 10 Level 2-5, please contact Kristen Climenhaga toll-free at 1-866-774-5333, ext. 5238 or by email at