Distance education students are to write exams at their local schools. All assignments must be marked before exams can be released, booked, or written.

Diploma Exams

All students (not schools) must register themselves to write diploma exams through MyPass.

Please refer to Alberta Education’s General Information Bulletin for deadlines. Please ensure you leave plenty of lead time for us to get marks in to Alberta Education. If you are unsure of timelines, please ask your teacher.

Partners, please contact the Partner Support Team at 1-866-774-5333 or info@adlc.ca with any questions about the exam process.

Homeschool Students

Homeschool students need to arrange to write supervised exams through their associate school board or associate private school.

If a student’s associate school board or private school cannot provide or arrange for supervised exam accommodations, students will need to find their own exam supervisor, then complete and submit an Exam Supervisor Application Form.

If you missed our ADLC diploma registration deadline, you’ll need to fill out the Diploma Exam Registration/Rewrite Fee Form.

Important Student Information from ADLC

  You may be asked to provide your own supervisor. If so, please use this form to advise us.

Important Information from Alberta Education



ExamBank offers online study resources for all subjects and for all Alberta students.

Get the practice you need with randomized practice exams that relate directly to Alberta curriculum. Each practice test is automatically marked as soon as you’re done, so you can identify your strengths and weaknesses immediately.

Contact your teacher for access to ExamBank. 

If you’re taking your ADLC course through a school in Alberta, you don’t need to arrange for an exam supervisor. ADLC Midterm and Final Exams will be sent directly to your school’s distance education facilitator, who will ensure your exam is properly supervised.

If you’re not taking your course through your school with a distance education facilitator, you can arrange for your own supervisor by filling out the Exam Supervisor Application Form.

We don’t send exams early unless special circumstances warrant it. We’ve found that students generally aren’t as successful in their courses if they write exams before finishing all the course assignments. For most courses, exams are automatically released when there are two lessons outstanding. In other courses, all lessons must be received by ADLC before the exam is released. Check with your teacher to find out which applies to the course you’re taking.

Please contact your teacher if you’d like to write an appeal exam to improve your mark. Teachers have the authority to make a final decision in this regard. Please note that if you write two exams, ADLC will always award you the highest mark of the two.

Yes, you must write both the ADLC Final Exam and the Diploma Exam. If you don’t write the ADLC Final Exam, we can’t finalize your course, and it will be considered incomplete.

Alberta Education updates high school transcripts in February, July, and September.

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