Special accommodations for exams include:

  • Audio exams
  • Scribes or readers
  • Recorded responses

You can request special accommodations for ADLC exams and for Provincial Diploma Exams.

Did you know? You can request additional time for your exam without an IPP or other documentation. You can make this request when scheduling your exam and you can request a maximum of double the time the exam is intended to be completed in.

Requests for special exam accommodations must be submitted with appropriate documentation, such as a copy of:

  • a recent psychometric assessment,
  • a recent Individualized Pupil Plan (IPP),
  • an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP),
  • a written recommendation from a physician.

If you’ve received special accommodations for previous exams, please provide signed documents from the teacher of that course indicating what those accommodations were. In cases where students are not able to demonstrate that they’ve received special accommodations for previous school exams, Alberta Education may decline to provide special accommodations for Provincial Diploma Exams. If you are applying for special exam accommodations when registering through adlc.ca, please have copies of your documentation handy, you will be asked to scan or take a picture of it and upload it.

Students must apply well in advance of the anticipated date of an Alberta Education Diploma Exam to receive special accommodations. They can find more information in their myPass account.

Application forms for special accommodations for diploma exams can be obtained by emailing info@adlc.ca or calling Partner Support at 1-866-774-5333.

Special Writing Centres

Students living in Alberta are required to write Provincial Diploma Exams at approved schools. If you need to write a Provincial Diploma Exam outside of Alberta, you are strongly advised to email info@adlc.ca for more information about how to find a special writing centre outside of the province.