ADLC Closure

ADLC will permanently close after the 2020-21 school year. View full details

Please explore our printable/downloadable how-to documents and videos.

TS Moodle (Self-serve) *New*

Logging in to TS Moodle

Browsing ADLC Courses in TS Moodle – DOC  VIDEO

Super Users
Adding Users in TS Moodle – DOC   Video
Creating Sections (Courses) in TS Moodle – DOC   Video
Adding/Editing Teachers in TS Moodle – DOC  Video
Enrolling Students into TS Moodle Sections (Courses) – DOC   Video
Bulk Enrolling Students into TS Moodle Sections (Courses) – DOC
Removing Students/Teachers in TS Moodle – DOC
Resetting a TS Moodle Password – DOC
Ordering Consumable Materials (in SIS) for TS – Without Student Enrolment – DOC   *New*

Getting Started: Student Self-Enrollment into TS Moodle Sections – DOC   Video


Navigation Bar – PDF   Video
Course Navigation – PDF   Video
Private Files – PDF   Video
Grades & Review – PDF   Video
Submitting Assignments – PDF   Video
Submitting Google Drive Assignments – PDF
Assignment Feedback – PDF   Video
Quiz Navigation – PDF   Video
Quiz Question Types – PDF   Video
Quiz Submit & Review – PDF   Video
Discussion Forums – PDF   Video


Getting Started
Using the Navigation Bar
Editing your Profile

Performing Daily Activities in Moodle
Managing Assessments
Viewing the Gradebook
Student Support FAQs

Modifying Information
Editing a Content Page
Moving Grade Items
Adding and Using a Marker Dashboard

Exporting Grades – TS Teachers
YouTube Links in Courses – Student Access

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