ADLC Closure

ADLC will permanently close after the 2020-21 school year. View full details

For help in the new self-serve Teacher Support (TS) Moodle, please visit the Moodle Training Resources page.

SIS can be accessed by selecting Login in the menu at the top of our website and selecting SIS (recommended) or directly at Login information is emailed to Affiliation Super Users and students once they are registered or enrolled into a course. See our collection of how-to PDFs below.

SIS runs best when accessed through the Google Chrome browser.

Logging into SIS & Changing Your Password


Finding Your SI Course
Accessing the Gradebook – for SI Courses

Partner Teachers/Facilitators/Super Users

Managing Student Instruction (SI) Enrollments
Adding Students to SIS – SI
Enrolling Students into SI Sections (courses)
Enrollment Caps & Restrictions – SI  *New*
Dropping a SI Course Enrollment
Deleting a SI Course Enrollment
Viewing an Affiliations Enrollment History

Checking Student Progress
Printing Bulk Progress Reports
Sending Mandatory and Optional Bulk Emails from SIS
Timeline Feature in SIS – SI Courses
Viewing/Filtering Class Lists – Teachers

Accessing Print Resources for SI Enrollments
Ordering SI Course Materials
Ordering Consumable Materials for TS – Without Student Enrollment

Automatic Withdrawal Policies
60-Day No Work Automatic Enrollment Withdrawal
60-Day Stall Automatic Enrollment Withdrawal
40-Day Non-Starter Automatic WithdrawalSenior High Courses Only   Video
40-Day Stall Automatic WithdrawalSenior High Courses Only   Video

Invoice Approval System
Viewing CEU Claims

Aboriginal Self-Identification in SIS
Coach Role – Adding & Associating SI Students

IPP and Exam Accommodations – SI
Printing Labels – Shipping, Lesson

SIS Glossary

AffiliatePartner school or organization
Course ListingList of available courses.
ExtensionsExtends an enrolment past the expiry date. These are requested by affiliation super user.
ReinstatementsReactivates a dropped enrollment that has not reached its expiry date but was withdrawn due to the Stall or Non-Starter policies or manual withdrawal. Reinstatements are completed by Affiliation Super Users.
SectionsAlso known as courses. Students are always enrolled in sections.
SIAcronym for Student Instruction. Student instruction is ADLC teachers providing instruction to partner school students.
TSAcronym for Teacher Support. TS is ADLC-developed resources that Alberta teachers can use in a variety of ways to compliment their teachings.
Super AffiliateSchool division