We know that many of our students are at their local schools all day (or at work, in the case of many adult upgrading students!). This makes it hard to reach out to their ADLC teachers during business hours. Distance education can sometimes feel a little isolating, and being able to talk to a real live, knowledgeable person can make a huge difference in understanding a tough concept. That’s why we started the helplines…

Q. When should I call the helpline?

A. Helplines run September to June—see the bottom of this post for times and days of the week. During those hours, call when you need help with a concept or a specific assignment, and you’re not able to call your teacher during the day. Seriously, don’t be shy!

Q. Who answers the helpline?

A. Markers (who are fully qualified teachers!) answer the helplines. These markers (or helpline teachers) have a broad knowledge base of their helpline subject AND are very familiar with ADLC courses, but they are not your course’s specific teacher. While you might prefer to talk to your teacher, we assure you that you’re in good hands with whoever answers the phone.

Q. But I really want to talk to *my* teacher…

A. We get it. No one knows the course (or you!) like your teacher. We suggest sending your teacher a message about making a time work… but also, break out of that comfort zone and try the helpline—we have good teachers everywhere and sometimes a new perspective is just what you didn’t know you needed! Also, we make notes of who called (and about what), so that your teacher knows what’s going on and can follow up, if necessary.

Q. I have a question about … can I call the helpline?

A. Questions about marks on a specific assignment should go to the person that marked it. Questions on how a course works are best left to your course teacher. For all questions on course material, and even some technical help questions, yes, call the helpline!

Q. No one answered!! What do I do now?

A. Our helplines usually only have one teacher available. If you don’t get through, that probably just means they’re on the phone with another student. Leave a message and they’ll return your call as soon as they can.

Q. I tried calling my teacher during the day and didn’t get a response! What now?

A. Sometimes teachers can’t get to every student during their day, so they might ask a helpline teacher to follow up (especially if they know that you’ll be available). Helpline teachers can assist by going over assignments or quizzes to help you better understand and learn from your mistakes.

Our helpline teachers won’t give you the answers to your assignments—but they’ll help you get there yourself. ADLC wants to make your education as flexible as possible. Our After-Hours Helplines are just one way we do that.

Contact Info

English Language Arts Helpline:
Tuesday and Thursday | 4:30–8:30 pm
1-866-774-5333 ext. 5355
Senior High

Math/Science Helpline:
Monday to Thursday | 4:45–8 pm
1-866-774-5333 ext. 5388
Skype: math_science_help_adlc
Grades 7 to 12.

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