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About ADLC

ADLC offers you the flexibility to complete courses on your own timeline from the comfort of your own home.

Prospective Students

What’s an International Student to ADLC?

The exact definition of “international student” can be complex, and the examples below are not intended to be exhaustive. However, Alberta Distance Learning Centre | ADLC considers the following students to fit under this category:

  • Non-Canadians citizens who live outside of Canada
  • Non-Canadian students studying in Canada with a student visa
  • Canadians who do not currently reside in Canada

If you’re not sure whether you qualify as an international student, or you’re not sure how to demonstrate that you’re a Canadian resident, we encourage you to contact one of our counsellors.

Fees for International Students

  • Grades 1-9: $550 per course
  • Grades 10-12: $110 per credit
  • 3-Month Extension Fee: $30

International students need to add the cost of books, materials, and shipping to the tuition fees for each course. Materials costs are listed in the Course Catalogue.

If you’re an international student living outside of Canada and the United States, we recommend emailing assignments to teachers to avoid the cost of airmail. If, however, you prefer to use traditional mail, you’ll be required to provide a deposit to help cover the cost of returning marked lessons to you. We require a minimum of a $75.00 airmail deposit per course. If further funds are required, we’ll contact you.
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