Dear adult students,

Every school year has its unique challenges and changes. ADLC is no exception as we look forward to the next school year (2018/19). One of the big differences between ADLC and most schools is that some changes we make for the upcoming school year take effect on May 1, when students can be officially registered into the next school year.

This year, there are many changes taking place on May 1 to focus ADLC on its service to school-aged students in Alberta schools. We need you to be aware of these changes and to make your academic plans accordingly.

Registration of Adult Students

Effective May 1, ADLC will no longer register independent adult students. These functions are being transferred to our division’s online school, Vista Virtual School. Vista Virtual School uses ADLC materials and operates very similarly to ADLC, but it does have notable differences.

To ensure student success, Vista Virtual School has an expectation that adult students have the appropriate background to take courses (pre-requisite courses or other training that can be measured in a placement exam) and submit work on a regular schedule. Many of these processes are being refined now in preparation for May 1.

What if I am already registered at ADLC?

Adult students currently registered in ADLC courses may finish those courses with ADLC and its staff. You should not see any difference in your day to day service if you have started a course, except for exams as noted below.


Effective May 1, ADLC will start transitioning out of its leases in Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge. Edmonton and Calgary campuses will be transitioned to Vista Virtual School over the summer. We do not yet know who will be taking over the lease in Lethbridge; that transition may happen quickly or later in the summer.

In each location, ADLC students will not have access to exam writing after August 31, as the leases will have transferred at that time. Adults newly registered at Vista Virtual School will have access to write exams at the Edmonton and Calgary campuses.

If you are able to finish your courses and write your exams before the end of the summer I urge you to do so. Effective September 1, and potentially sooner in Lethbridge, adult students will need to find their own exam supervisors, possibly through local colleges or universities, and handle any costs related to that supervision.


ADLC has been proud to serve you in reaching your academic goals. I am sure there are many questions you might have, and I welcome you to email me if you do have questions.

In the meantime, please continue to work hard in your studies and to do as well as you can in upcoming Diploma Exams or in your assignments and exams for your course.


Frank McCallum

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ADLC teachers will be away March 25-29, 2019 for Spring break. They return on Monday, April 1, 2019. Our office will be open and support staff available as usual during the break. Dismiss