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Assessment of Student Work

The distribution of marks is provided in the introduction to each course or supplied by the teacher upon request.

Students are expected to submit lessons or assignment booklets regularly. Student work is evaluated by ADLC teachers and contract markers (professional teachers who mark students’ work). Work is returned to students as soon as possible, along with comments and suggestions for improvement. Grades are recorded in ADLC’s Student Information System (SIS). Students and/or parents can access marks at Usernames and passwords are provided via email at the time of registration.

Home education students must maintain acceptable levels of achievement and follow the schedule established by their board or supervising school. ADLC reports on student progress to the appropriate school board facilitator regularly.

Grades 1 to 6

A full grade in Grades 1 to 6 consists of four separate courses:

  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies (includes Art)
  • Science (includes Health)

Grades 7 to 9

Junior high grades consist of five core courses and two complementary courses. Students in Grades 7, 8, and 9 must complete all core courses:

  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Health and Personal Life Skills

Students intending to complete a full grade should immediately begin working in all core subjects once registration is complete. Working on only one or two courses at a time is not recommended.

Complementary Courses

Junior high students can take their choice of two complementary courses in each grade. These courses allow students to explore areas of personal interest.

Complementary courses taken in one grade may not be repeated in another, and some courses must be taken in sequence. Students enrolling in a complementary course for the first time are expected to enrol in Level A regardless of their grade level. Special consideration may be given in some circumstances; contact us for assistance.

  • Level A – Bible A, French 7, Music A, Phys Ed 7
  • Level B – Bible B, French 8, Phys Ed 8
  • Level C – Bible C, French 9, Phys Ed 9
  • Environmental and Outdoor Education (Grade 7, 8, or 9)
Note: Students enrolling in Physical Education must choose the level appropriate for their current grade.

Payment can be made by Mastercard, Visa, or school charge account. Debit payments are accepted only at our Barrhead office.

Sharing of Information

At times, ADLC provides information about student registration, progress, and results to qualified individuals, such as school principals, superintendents, and officials of Alberta Education. Individual student data is released to officials responsible for monitoring student progress. Acceptance of this policy is inherent in registration.

Midterm Exams and/or Reviews

Midterm exams and/or reviews in core courses let students gauge their understanding of course material. Midterm exams also give students practice managing time restrictions and exam anxiety.

Final Exams

Final exams must be written before course registrations expire and must be conducted and received by qualified supervisors. If a student scores less than 40% on a final exam, marks for course work are not considered when the final grade is determined.

Appeal of Exam Results

Prior to gaining approval to write appeal exams, students must discuss the results of the original exam with their ADLC teacher. Requests for appeal exams must be made before registration expires and within 30 days of a student being finalized in the course.

Exam Supervisors

ADLC requires students to write all exams at their registering school. ADLC reserves the right to approve supervisors selected by students or to request that students write their final exams at an ADLC-approved writing centre. ADLC releases the print exam or access to the online exam to an approved supervisor or contact person after receiving required lessons and/or assignments from the student.

Special arrangements may be made for students with medical and/or learning disabilities, but requests for special consideration must be made to ADLC prior to scheduling exams. Special accommodations will be granted as defined by Alberta Education.

Students may use a computer and word-processing program to compose and print written responses for final exams. However, students must not have access to the Internet or other files when taking exams.

Transcripts of Student Grades

Students seeking admission to post-secondary institutions such as universities, colleges, or technical institutions should plan to complete courses and write final exams by early June, as outlined in the Significant Dates for ADLC Students at This ensures adequate time for results to be processed and official transcripts to be issued by Alberta Education.

Official Transcripts must be obtained from Alberta Education or by calling Alberta Education toll-free at 310-0000, then 780-427-5318.

Parents or guardians of students studying at home and facilitators for students studying in schools are expected to act as partners in the education process. Both home education students and distance education students in schools require supervision and guidance to complete their courses.

Responsibilities of Parents, Guardians and/or Facilitators

To ensure student success, parents, guardians and/or facilitators are expected to

  • help students select appropriate courses,
  • ensure students have all necessary supplies,
  • arrange suitable study areas,
  • assist in scheduling and submitting assignments, midterm exams (if required), and final exams,
  • supervise completion of exercises and assignments,
  • review corrected lessons and assignment booklets with students,
  • monitor student progress and achievement,
  • contact appropriate staff at ADLC for assistance, and
  • encourage students.

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