Cooperation between teachers, students, parents, and staff is key to success. It also results in more pleasant learning environments.


ADLC students are expected to show respect for fellow students and ADLC staff. The following actions will not be tolerated:

  • Libel and/or slander, which includes communication in print or online that contains hurtful and/or hateful statements toward another person or group of people.
  • Vandalism, including deliberate attempts to gain unapproved entry into the ADLC computer network, introducing a virus into ADLC’s computer network, or pirating software from the ADLC network.
  • Email schemes, including spreading information through chain letters, pyramid schemes, or copying or forwarding another’s email without prior consent, etc.
  • Plagiarism, including the use of someone else’s words or ideas without acknowledging original sources.

Students who wilfully and/or persistently violate these codes of conduct may face disciplinary measures.

Acknowledging Sources

ADLC students are expected to credit outside sources of information appropriately. Students are taught to properly acknowledge the use of other’s words or ideas (phrases, sentences, or paragraphs). Lack of adequate reference may mean students are claiming the words or ideas of others as their own—this is plagiarism. At ADLC, students who commit plagiarism will receive a mark of zero for the assignment in question. They may also be subject to further disciplinary action at the discretion of their teacher and ADLC administration.

Submitting work that has been copied, in whole or in part, from another student is also a form of plagiarism and will result in disciplinary action.

Appeal Procedure

To ensure that student disciplinary actions are fair and just, students have the right to appeal any decision involving discipline for unacceptable behaviour. If a satisfactory outcome cannot be reached at the level of the principal of Alberta Distance Learning Centre, a group consisting of members of ADLC senior administration will hear student appeals. Parents or guardians acting on the student’s behalf may exercise the right of appeal.

Students in willful and/or persistent violation of these guidelines may face disciplinary action.

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