Develop the skills and knowledge to

  • expand your teaching opportunities,
  • extend pedagogical understanding, and
  • enhance your teaching in blended and online learning environments.

Blended and Online Learning and Teaching (BOLT)

Athabasca University, Canada’s leader in online post-secondary education, through their Centre for Distance Education (CDE), and Alberta Distance Learning Centre | ADLC, the premier distance learning partner for primary and secondary education in Alberta, are excited to present an innovative course offering for the professional development of practicing teachers.

Regardless of your current employment, the Blended and Online Learning and Teaching program offers K-12 professionals the opportunity to explore innovative approaches to flexible, sustainable education.

Utilizing Athabasca University’s Master of Education in Distance Education course curriculum, BOLT is comprised of nine one-credit modules designed specifically for teaching professionals. Participants gain professional knowledge, building on and extending the art and craft of teaching in the digital world. BOLT provides busy educators access to graduate level studies at a manageable pace. Each BOLT module is delivered entirely online, offers a self-contained learning experience, and can be taken in any order. Schedules run counter to the intense periods of the K-12 calendar, allowing teachers the opportunity for immersive, sustained learning.

Athabasca University BOLT Program

View the BOLT Calendar to see which modules are currently running and which are coming up.

For the most up-to-date information about this valuable opportunity (including course and module descriptions, cost, and details about registration, scheduling, and certification) please visit Athabasca University’s BOLT page.