Who can register with ADLC?

Students are required to register through their local school.

  • ADLC is mandated to serve Alberta-funded students through their local schools.
    • Students – contact your local school or distance education facilitator to discuss enrolling into ADLC courses.
    • Educators – If you are brand new to ADLC, you will need to sign up as a partner school.  If your school or division is already a partner, but you need to change your school’s Super User, please fill out the Super User Request Form.  After you’re registered, you can begin adding students and enrolling them into courses.
  • Adults, Out-of-Province and International students can visit the Alberta Education Online Learning Directory to find an online school accepting direct registrations.
  • International students can also review Alberta Education’s recommended Alberta Accredited International Schools web page for information.

Learn about the courses we offer by visiting the Course Listing page and make note of which materials your students will require.  You can decide if an online or print course is right for your student (some courses are available as either print or online).

Things to keep in mind: 

  • Prerequisites need to be confirmed prior to enrolling students. Visit the Alberta Education website for more information about prerequisites.
  • Some materials are required for course completion (and are noted as such in the materials list) and can only be purchased from ADLC.
  • “Textbooks” are required for course completion but can be purchased anywhere. When purchased from ADLC, we offer a refund for textbook returns in good condition. The amount refunded varies, but is usually about 70% of the full price. Where multiple novels are listed for the course, only one needs to be chosen.
  • Please note we only recommend a maximum of 10 credits to be taken at a time.

Need Help?
Call us at 1-866-774-5333 or send us an email at info@adlc.ca.

We're proud to offer a broad selection of courses.