Having the checklist handy will make your registration smoother.

Who's it for?

ADLC’s online registration is intended for

  1. Grade 10 to 12 students who are residents of Alberta and wish to take a course taught by an ADLC teacher (this is called ADLC Student Instruction) outside of their normal school.
  2. Returning, continuing, or upgrading students who are older than 19 at the beginning of the academic year in which they are starting their course.
  3.  Non-Alberta residents of any age.

Students who are residents of Alberta but have a distance education facilitator in their school should contact their school. Existing partner schools have access to register their own students through SIS.

Note: From September to June, students wishing to register for Elementary and Junior High Courses at ADLC must do so through their local school. During the summer, students wishing to register in Elementary and Junior High Courses should refer to ADLC’s Spring & Summer School Courses page.

Checklist First!

To ensure your registration process goes smoothly, we recommend you have the following in hand prior to beginning the online registration.

  1. Your course selections, chosen from the Course Catalogue. Please choose your courses and the materials you require prior to beginning your registration.
    • “Learning Materials” are required for course completion and can only be purchased from ADLC
    • “Textbooks” are required for course completion and can be purchased from anywhere. When accessed from ADLC, we offer a textbook refund for returns in good condition. The amount refunded varies, but is usually about 70% of the full price. Where multiple novels are listed for the course, only one needs to be chosen.
    • “Other Materials” are not required for course completion and can be purchased from anywhere.
    • Remember to decide if you want to take your course online, or in print (if available.)
    • Knowledge and Employability courses are not available for Student Instruction students. These courses must be taken with your school.
  2. Your birth certificate. This is required for all students as verification of identity, and to verify your age.
  3. Your Alberta Student Number (ASN). If you are a non-resident, this does not apply. If you are an Alberta resident and you do not know your ASN, you may access it by signing in at mypass.alberta.ca. If you cannot access, and do not know, your ASN, we can still process your registration, but it may take longer.
  4. Your citizenship documents if your birth certificate is from outside Canada.
  5. Your Individualized Program Plan (IPP), if you have one.
  6. Any doctors’ notes that pertain to special accommodations for exams you will be requesting.
  7. Your student contact information, including a unique email address you have access to.
  8. Your parents contact information, if you are a school-age student.
  9. Your proof of prerequisites for the courses you choose. We can verify senior high courses for students with an ASN. If you do not have this, please provide a report card, PowerSchool or SchoolZone information.
  10. A credit card for payment.

You can download this information as a printable list for easy reference.


Once you begin the process you will be asked to

  1. Provide your name and birthdate
  2. Provide necessary contact information
  3. Provide verification documents

You will then be asked to access your inbox and follow the link provided in an email. This verifies your web user account. Once your account is verified, you will be provided an additional email containing your login and password. The link within that email will bring you back to the initial screen you started at. This time you will use the Login side, instead of the Account Creation side.
Once logged in, you will be asked to

  1. Search for the course(s) you chose from the Course Catalogue.
  2. Verify you have the necessary prerequisites. (Courses you should have completed prior to the one(s) you now want to take.)
  3. Choose the materials you would like to purchase from ADLC.
  4. Provide and verify billing and shipping information.
  5. Check to provide your consent to abide by the Terms and Conditions and the Refund Policy.

You will then receive another email containing the details of your course selection(s). ADLC will then begin processing your registration and will contact you for any additional information and payment. This may take up to 2 business days.

Once your payment is processed and registration completed, you will receive your course start-up information by email or mail, dependent on the delivery option you chose.

Ready to get started?