What’s changing

In the past, we’ve registered students of all locations and ages directly into ADLC courses online, over the phone, and in-person at our campuses.

As of December 1, 2017, ADLC will no longer accept registrations directly from funded students.

We’ll continue to register unfunded students directly. ADLC courses will continue to be available for all funded and unfunded students, so long as students register as follows:

Funded Students

Flowchart to determine if a student is funded through their local school (and therefore Alberta Education).

Funded students are all of the following:

  • 19 or younger as of September 1, 2017
  • Alberta residents
  • Do not live on a reserve

Funded students must register for ADLC courses through their local school. If registering through a student’s local school isn’t an option, Alberta Education provides a list of online schools in Alberta that may register students.

Unfunded Students

Unfunded students are any of the following:

  • Adult students (20 or older as of September 1, 2017)
  • Out-of-province students
  • First Nations students living on-reserve (federally funded)

Unfunded students may continue to register directly with ADLC online, over the phone, or at ADLC campuses.

Why is this changing?

ADLC provides Distance Education (DE) services to schools and school authorities in Alberta. We work with schools and school divisions to offer DE options for students. DE facilitators at schools supervise the education programs of their students and are an important part of student success.

When schools register students directly for DE courses, they are aware of and involved in the student’s program from the start, and can better support their students. Funded students are generally more successful in ADLC courses when they work closely under the guidance of the facilitator at their school. (FYI: ADLC teachers will continue to readily assist students with their course work in Student Instruction (SI) courses—this isn’t changing!)



My school or school board won’t register me for ADLC courses. What now?

  1. Our Learning Network Support Staff can provide contact information for the right person to talk to at your school or school board.
  2. If your school or school board can’t register you directly, please refer to the list of online schools provided by Alberta Education.

I don’t want to register through my school or an online school because I’d like to take my ADLC course(s) in print. (Some schools may prefer to register students exclusively in online sections to incur a lesser cost.)

  1. If your school will enrol you in the print section of a course, you have the option to incur a lesser overall cost by printing ADLC course resources such as Assignment Booklet Packs or Module Packs yourself (rather than purchasing them) from the PDFs contained in SIS.
  2. Facilitators who choose to enrol students exclusively in ADLC’s online sections are encouraged to contact their local Learning Network Liaison to discuss options for students who’d like to take courses in print.


The DE Facilitator at my school has changed. How do I update this information with ADLC?
To update your school’s information, please email changes to learningnetwork@adlc.ca. Thanks for keeping your contact information current!

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