In our January 29 communication, we provided information regarding the authority of waiving prerequisites along with an interim procedure on how ADLC could help partner schools facilitate their requests.

We have since received requests for processing the waiving prerequisites for courses to which exceptions apply. These exceptions are listed in the Guide to Education (page 131).

For ADLC, the most notable exceptions are the Locally Developed Courses. As a result, we are unable to process the waiving of prerequisites for the following ADLC courses:

  • Psychology Abnormal 35 – 3 cr (LDC3155)
  • Forensics Studies 25 – 3 cr (LDC2569)
  • Forensics Studies 35 – 3 cr (LDC3569)

2018/19 Interim Process for Waiving Prerequisites for ADLC Courses

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