Teacher Support (TS)

We do not charge fees for digital resources.

Teachers often look for resources that help them provide instruction to their students. ADLC’s course materials align with learning outcomes in Alberta’s Programs of Study.

Each course includes content, assessments and answer keys. Teachers can select all or some of the material and decide how and when to use it.

ADLC does not report student achievement to Alberta Education for courses used as resources by teachers at partner schools. It is the partner schools responsibility to submit Teacher Support course marks to PASI.

We provide free access to online courses and/or electronic copies of any print materials. Some courses are  available in both English and French. Online courses are designed and delivered in our Moodle Learning Management System.

Here are some of the common ways Teacher Support resources are used in the classroom:

  • to support lesson planning
  • to individualize instruction when students are at different levels
  • to help newer teachers focus on tasks such as classroom-management techniques and building relationships with students
  • to help teachers responsible for courses outside their subject-area expertise
  • to support teachers working in split grade/class environments

How do I get access to TS Resources?

Please contact the Partner Support team at 1-866-774-5333 or by email at info@adlc.ca.